Netizens praised CUBE for terminating HyunA – E’Dawn, showing the annoyance with their showoff

Korean netizens say that if they continue to brag about their feelings, the two will become the funniest couple in history if they break up.

HyunA and E’Dawn have never publicized their feelings as much as they do now. Taking a glimpse of both of their Instagrams, almost all the latest photos show off their love, from hand in hand pictures to intimate photos, especially as they recently attended many events as a couple, the more the public has to see of their affection, the more likely fans feel tired of it.

Not only the images confused the fans but the level of “spam” on Instagram of HyunA also makes many people tired.

Netizen commented:

  • I used to think Hyuna was really, really pretty before but why does she look so ugly ever since she started dating.
  • Normally people look better once they get in relationships but Hyuna’s been looking so aged and ugly; not an anti, just being honest;
  • I just want to know why they had to go to France to take these pictures~ how does that background look like France at all~ sigh.
  • Does Hyuna have braces or something?? Her mouth looks so weird.. like it’s sticking out
  • They look like birds who’ve been just set free from its cage, super desperate to feel its freedom… maybe because they spent their youth as celebrities and had their freedom restricted?
  • These pictures look like they’re from the nineties… they’re too into the retro look, it’s so tacky
  • Cube did their job well
  • They will be the funniest couple in history if they break up
  • Why is Hyuna aging so fast?

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