21 songs of Kpop idol group entered Melon’s 2010-2019 chart: EXO is absent, TWICE leads among girl groups

 These are the songs of Kpop idol groups with the best achievements in the past 10 years on the Melon chart (from 2010 to 2019).

 Today (December 1), the famous music site Melon announced the Top 100 most popular songs of the past decade.  According to Melon, these 100 songs chart is the 100 favorite songs and received the most downloads and streams on this streaming site from 2010 to 2019.

 Melon users have a very wide age range, so if artists want their songs to rank high, the songs must be really well received by the public. So it is not difficult to understand when compared to ballad songs of solo artists, Kpop idol groups are somewhat ‘underdogs’.  If the Kpop idol groups have songs that make it to the chart below, it proves that their songs have really become national hits in terms of both popularity and real achievement.

Let’s take a look at the Kpop idol groups and songs that have entered the 100-song chart of the decade 2010 on Melon.

 21st PLACE: MAMAMOO – Starry Night

 Ranking in Melon’s top 100 of the last decade: Rank 94

 20th PLACE: BTS – Blood Sweat & Tears

 Ranking in Melon’s top 100 of the last decade: Rank 89

 19th PLACE: TWICE – Dance The Night Away

 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: 81


 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: Rank 76

17th PLACE: MOMOLAND – BBoom BBoom

 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: Rank 73

16th PLACE: GFRIEND – Rough

 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: Rank 67

15th PLACE: BEAST – On Rainy Days

 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: 60

14th PLACE: GFRIEND – Me Gustas Tu

 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: 59

13th PLACE: BLACKPINK – Playing With Fire

 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: 55

 12th PLACE: Wanna One – Energetic

 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: 53


 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: 51

 10th PLACE: BLACKPINK – As If It’s Your Last

 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: 50

9th PLACE: BTOB – Missing You

 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: 49

 8th PLACE: WINNER – Really Really

 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: 46


 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: 39


 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: 38

 5th PLACE: Red Velvet – Red Flavor

 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: 29


 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: 28

 3rd PLACE: iKON – Love Scenario

 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: 22


 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: 16

1st PLACE: BTS – Spring Day

 Ranking in Melon’s top 100: 4

The number of songs of each Kpop idol group entered the Top 100 songs of the decade (2010-2019) on Melon

 4th place: BIG BANG, BEAST (Highlight), iKON, WINNER, WANNA ONE, BTOB, Red Velvet, MAMAMOO and Momoland – 1 song

3rd place: GFRIEND – 2 songs

2nd place: BTS and BLACKPINK – 3 songs

1st place: TWICE – 4 songs

 TWICE is the group with the most songs in Melon’s Top 100 of 2010s.

 BTS is the Kpop idol group with the highest ranking song in Melon’s Top 100 of 2010s

 The top Kpop idol groups of 3rd generation are present, but where is EXO?

 After seeing the chart, many people have to acknowledge that the influence of TWICE, BTS and BLACKPINK’s songs is very strong.  The songs of these 3rd gen idol groups are not only capable of “defeating” the ‘ballads’ on the chart, but also could record many downloads and streams on Melon.

 However, one thing that makes netizens wonder is the total absence of EXO – the famous group of 3rd gen and is known as opening the golden age for Kpop this generation.  However, in the top 100, the SM male group did not appear with any song, including the song that is considered the ‘national hit’ -‘Growl’ (released in 2012).

 Some netizen comments about Kpop idols in the chart:

 – Wow, TWICE is still really popular.  They have lots of hits!

 – TWICE, BTS and BLACKPINK are awesome!

 – Wanna One is very good, they still entered this chart with ‘Energetic’.

 – But why isn’t there EXO?

 – Momoland is included too.

 – YG groups are all there.

 – Wow, but GFriend is really good too. I did not expect them to have 2 songs included in this chart.

 – TWICE has 4 songs on the chart.

 – ‘Spring Day’ is a wall.


 – ‘Spring Day’ is so amazing.  The best song of Kpop idols in this decade.

 – Doesn’t EXO have ‘Growl’?  Why don’t 100 Melon’s songs have any of EXO’s songs?

 Does your favorite group have a song in the chart?  Are you surprised by the appearance or absence of a Kpop idol group?  Please share your opinion.

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