2 years ago, former EXO member – Huang Zitao once revealed his special feelings for Xu Yiyang

Looking back at what Zitao once has shown, netizens are even more certain that he and Xu Yiyang have special feelings for each other.

In the past few days, the dating rumors of Huang Zitao and Xu Yiyang are attracting great attention from netizens. Although the male singer denied the rumors, netizens still dug up important details that show that the two really have feelings for each other.

On Weibo, bloggers started sharing stories between the two artists two years ago. It is worth mentioning when the dating rumors broke out, Cnets divided into 2 opinions, one side said that Huang Zitao intentionally spread the news to attract attention, the other side confirmed that the male singer showed his fierce love.

Supporting Xu Yiyang wholeheartedly at Chuang 2020

Xu Yiyang was a trainee at Chuang 2020 at that time. Despite the fact that Huang Zitao was the show’s coach, the former EXO member frequently asked fans to support her on social media.

Huang Zi-tao Xu Yiyang

Despite being a trainee on the show, Xu Yiyang had many private moments with Zitao, from on show to in the real life.

Choose a perfect time to make a love vow?

On his birthday, Huang Zitao had 3 wishes. In particular, he gave his first wish to Xu Yiyang, hoping that she would have good results.

Huang Zi-tao Xu Yiyang

On Weibo, on July 6, 2020, at exactly 5:20 a.m. (520 in slang means “I love you“), Huang Zitao officially announced that he would press the button to follow 1 person – it was Xu Yiyang. This action is considered to break the previous rule of the male singer, because, before that, he did not follow anyone.

Huang Zitao also helped Xu Yiyang to compose and publish a song. At exactly 13:14 on July 15, 2020, the former member shared Xu Yiyang‘s post. 1314 in slang means “Forever“. Netizens think that this is a sweet confession he had for Xu Yiyang.

Huang Zi-tao Xu Yiyang

Huang Zitao’s SNS special photo dedicated only to his muse

On Instagram, Huang Zitao posts a lot of photos of himself and his private life. However, netizens discovered that the male singer had 1 post to introduce Xu Yiyang, making the female idol the only muse to appear on his account.

Huang Zi-tao Xu Yiyang

Moreover, fans also discovered in 1 comment, Huang Zitao affectionately called her “龙蛋”, which means “dragon egg“. Huang Zitao‘s entertainment company is L.Tao (龙韬娱乐), so using the nickname “龙蛋” also means that Xu Yiyang is the darling of the entertainment company.

Huang Zi-tao Xu Yiyang

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