Kara’s Han Seung-yeon “First conversation with IU… I respect her because she’s lovely and positive”

On the 3rd, a video titled “IU’s Palette. Return of the Queens KARA IS BACK” was posted on IU’s YouTube channel.

In the video, Kara met IU. IU greeted, “It’s been so long time. And now I’m looking at all the members of KARA. Nice to see you guys, and it’s touching.”


Regarding the maknae line, Kang Ji-young said, “I was born before Young-ji. I was born in Jan, and she was born in Aug. I’m the younger one! We disputed a bit but we’re both the maknae.”

Kang Jiyoung, who was excited on her way here, said, “I was looking forward for this! I went to your concert, too. Those feelings remain in the air, but I’m nervous because we’re together.” Nicole said, “I was on many shows with IU before. I always feel comfortable with her. And IU makes some warm atmosphere.


In response, IU said, “I’m haven’t met Nicole for a long time. Lately you released solo album. I saw you on TV.” She added, saying, “I can just call her ‘Unnie’! We did Inkigayo MC together when we were young. We did ‘Heroes’ together.”


In addition, IU said to Park Gyuri, “I really understand why GYURI is a goddess. When I was young, I was really shocked. Because at that time it was not very common to say ‘I’m the prettiest’. But GYURI really did, and now people get it.”


Han Seung-yeon said about her feelings about promoting, “Our members are being sentimental these days.Originally I’m the crybaby from KARA

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