16-Year-Old Trot Singer Jung Dong Won Reacted Awkwardly When Asked About His Ideal Type Jeon Somi 

Jung Dong Won couldn’t hide his awkwardness when his ideal type, Jeon Somi, was mentioned.

On September 7th, trot singer Jung Dong Won appeared as a guest on SBS Power FM’s ‘Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show’ along with rapper Hanhae.

Jung Dong Won mentioned that he recently turned 16 years old due to the change in the Korean age system. He said, “Everyone wants to become younger, but I liked being 17, so going back to 16 doesn’t feel as good.” He laughed as he spoke.

When a listener mentioned Jung Dong Won’s MBTI as ‘F,’ he responded, “I’ve heard this a lot. When I took the test, it came out as ‘T.’ I even tried answering questions with the staff, and ‘T’ was indeed accurate. I am quite practical. Not very systematic. I’m an ESTP.” 

Jung Dong Won Ideal Type Jeon Somi 

Jung Dong Won recently recorded ‘Amazing Saturday’ with Jeon Somi and showed an awkward reaction when Jeon Somi, whom he previously considered as his ideal type, was brought up.

Jung Dong Won replied to the question of whether Jeon Somi is still his ideal type, “I used to think so. When I was 15 years old,” and Hanhae asked, “Were you not fluttered when you were on set with her? Did she disappoint you, or did your ideal type change?

To this, Jung Dong Won evaded by saying, “Rather than that, I am a practical ‘T.’ Because of my ‘T,’ when I work, I focus on work, just like when I go to school, I play. I try to be realistic.”

jeon somi

However, Kim Tae Kyun once again asked Jung Dong Won, “Has your ideal type not changed even now?” Jung Dong Won hesitated and awkwardly laughed, “It’s just… quite different…

Jung Dong Won recently released his first single, “Monologue,” on September 1st and is set to release a remake mini-album in mid-September.

Source: Daum.

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