3 Korean actresses openly badmouthed their own dramas’ crews

The way these actors badmouth and blame the crew make the audience feel they are unprofessional.

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to badmouth each other in Korean showbiz, but it’s rare for an actor to criticize their drama’s crew, namely the director and screenwriter.  Rarely, of course, not nonexistent.

1. Han Ga In

In 2007, actress Han Ga In took on the lead role in the TV series Witch Yoo Hee, a work that was criticized both in terms of script and acting.  After the film ended, Han Ga In suddenly publicly criticized the director and scriptwriter.  She accused the two of being the reason why Witch Yoo Hee became a pathetic work, of course she did not mention that she was bad at acting.

3 Korean actresses openly badmouthed their own dramas’ crews

At first, Han Ga In thought that the script of the drama was bad because the scriptwriter only specialized in writing sitcoms and had no experience in making long-running dramas.  She then blamed director Jun Ki Sang for his poor filmmaking skills. This sharing of Han Ga In made people in the film industry and the public feel extremely shocked.  The director and screenwriter of Witch Yoo Hee themselves were not satisfied and found it difficult to understand when she openly badmouthed her associates even though she had not expressed any attitude before.

3 Korean actresses openly badmouthed their own dramas’ crews

2. Lee Da Hae

In 2008, actress Lee Da Hae suddenly withdrew from East of Eden when the drama was nearing the end of its broadcast.  The reason she gave was that she “did not understand the character Min Hye Rin” and “didn’t want to have to act out the illogical actions of the character that is making her look like an idiot”.  This decision seriously affected the film, causing the crew to rush to find a way to fill Lee Da Hae’s place.  Many actors were also heavily affected because their roles were directly related to the character Lee Da Hae took on.  The audience also criticized, saying that Lee Da Hee was too irresponsible and that blaming the script is just an unreasonable excuse.  Later, Lee Da Hee herself also had to admit that she was at fault for not sticking with the crew to the end.

3 Korean actresses openly badmouthed their own dramas’ crews

3. Kim Ji Soo

Taking on a supporting role in Hwarang, Kim Ji Soo came under criticism when she posted a screenshot from a different project she participated in before on her personal Instagram with the caption, “It’s hard to always be able to participate in quality projects… Usually I accept a role because at first I think it’s going to be a good production, but then things just get worse… There are unforeseen factors.” This caption was said to be aimed directly at the crew of Hwarang because when she posted it, Hwarang was broadcasting. The viewers criticized Ji Soo for intentionally damaging her own drama and hurting the cast and crew whom she was working with. 

3 Korean actresses openly badmouthed their own dramas’ crews

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