YouTuber Lee Jin-ho Discloses Min Hee-jin’s Messages Badmouthing NewJeans Members

Kakaotalk messages proving ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-jin disparaging NewJeans members as HYBE’s claim have been revealed

On May 17th, reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin-ho uploaded a new video titled, “Shocking exclusive news! I’m disclosing materials about NewJeans”.

Lee Jin-ho said, “Many people supported Min Hee-jin when she swore ‘X ahjussi’ at the press conference. Then what’s Min Hee-jin’s view of women? She expressed her social frustration toward men so we need to find out what she thought about women. These materials were revealed in court, but they were censored at the request of Min Hee-jin. I complied all the messages and I’m showing Min Hee-jin’s words as they were.”

The YouTuber then revealed Kakaotalk conversations between CEO Min Hee-jin and ADOR’s male Deputy CEO L in January 2024.

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Lee Jin-ho said, “Earlier this year, HYBE received a report about a sexual harassment and bullying incident involving a female employee within ADOR. Back then, the deputy CEO suggested, ‘Wouldn’t it be better to go with a young woman?’, and took the young female employee to a drinking party with employees from a partner company to create a lively atmosphere. Later, the men left the scene together, leaving the woman alone, making her feel a sense of embarrassment, so she reported the issue to HYBE. HYBE conducted an official investigation in March and concluded that it was a communication problem, and issued a warning as the solution.” At that time, CEO Min sent the Deputy CEO a message regarding the incident, saying “XXX, go deal with it”.

In another text message, the female CEO wrote, “This is why I hate working with young girls. They can’t do anything but always whine, annoy me, and look tired. They don’t have responsibility at all… These women, I hate them so badly even though I’m a woman. They think and talk lightly about the world and they’re always lazy. Their vision is narrow…They envy me, saying they would never become successful if they worked to death like me. XX girls”

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What’s more shocking is the message that “NewJeans’ Mom” Min Hee-jin sent while preparing for the members’ acceptance speech. “It’s the most unbelievable thing to know among the things I found while investigating for the news. Wasn’t Min Hee-jin the one who has the most affection for NewJeans and the one who cried at the press conference, saying, ‘Is this how a person feels when raising a child?’ Wasn’t she the one who raised the issue that Chairman Bang Si-hyuk ignored the members’ greetings? I will deliver the message exactly as Min Hee-jin wrote.”

The message said, “Just tell them to say they will be humble all the time, as they are gaining popularity even when they get fat like pigs. If they pretend to be cool but don’t greet me, I might want to kill them.” “What do they know? Just look in the mirror.”

Lee Jin-ho added, “In particular, she even made disparaging remarks about a certain member’s appearance, mentioning her real name.” The text message released said, “These stupid kids could not lose any weight and got scolded.” “Wow, OO, fat XX (member’s name).”

There are also disparaging messages about NewJeans’ fans. “The people who become fans of the thoughtless kids keep saying nonsense,” the messages said.

min hee jin

Lee Jin-ho said, “This was confirmed in the data found during HYBE’s audit process,” adding, “CEO Min Hee-jin has already calculated the specific amount of damage when the contract is terminated.”

Lee Jin-ho explained, “This is what shocked me the most when covering this case. Min Hee-jin showed her sincerity as ‘Mother of NewJeans’ at the press conference, but it turns out that she often badmouths the members”, adding “When asked about the data submitted to the court, ADOR’s side claimed that HYBE distorted it”.

Earlier on the same day, the Seoul Central District Court’s Civil Agreement Division 50 (Chief Judge Kim Sang-hoon) held a provisional interrogation for the injunction filed by CEO Min Hee-jin to request a ban on HYBE’s exercise of their voting rights. If the court rejects the request, CEO Min will certainly be dismissed at the upcoming shareholder meeting on May 31st. 

During the interrogation, HYBE claimed that Min Hee-jin did not hesitate to make remarks disparaging NewJeans members despite being known to the public as “Mother of NewJeans”, while Min Hee-jin’s side used Kakaotalk messages sent by NewJeans as evidence to prove Bang Si-hyuk’s discrimination against the members such as not responding to their greetings.

In particular, HYBE claimed, “Min Hee-jin’s concern is not truly for NewJeans but for the money they earn. She said she sympathized with NewJeans like a mother but she made remarks disparaging the members when talking with her acquaintances, such as ‘Taking care of NewJeans is so freaking hard’, ‘It’s horrible and tiring having to treat NewJeans as artists’, ‘NewJeans succeeded thanks to me’, etc”, adding that the female CEO gaslighted the members to make them rely on her.

HYBE will hold a shareholder meeting on May 31st to propose the ‘dismissal of ADOR board members, including CEO Min Hee-jin, and appointment of new directors’. The court stated, “We will make our decision before the shareholder meeting on May 31st. Both sides can submit the necessary data by the 24th, we will look at the content and make our decision before the 31st”.

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