Yoo In Na stunned in a skin-tight dress with subtle cleavage on the red carpet of Jeonju Film Festival 

Yoo In Na took the spotlight with her sexy red carpet dress. 

Actress Yoo In Na attended the red carpet event at the opening ceremony of the 23rd Jeonju International Film Festival held in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do on April 28th. Appearing in a simple but attractive wine-colored dress, Yoo In Na kept smiling brightly and waved to the fans. Yoo In Na also showed cute fan service by doing finger hearts to reporters and fans who gathered at the event.

Yoo In-na

In particular, Yoo In Na drew attention with her flattering skin-tight sleeveless dress with a square neckline that showed off her sexy collarbone and beautiful chest line. She gained admiration for her skinny yet voluminous body.

Yoo In-na

The opening ceremony of the 2022 Jeonju International Film Festival was hosted by actors Jang Hyun Sung and Yoo In Na. Standing on stage of the festival’s opening ceremony, which was held on its original scale for the first time in about three years, Yoo In Na expressed her special feelings, saying, “I wanted to meet everyone.”

Yoo In-na

The 23rd Jeonju International Film Festival will run for ten days until May 7th. 217 films from 56 countries (123 overseas, 94 domestic) will be screened.

Yoo In-na
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