Yoo Ah In failed to reunite with “Voice of Silence” director in new film

As actor Yoo Ah In was accused of using drugs, his reunion with “Voice of Silence” director Hong Eui Jeong in a new movie ended in failure.

According to the film industry on March 27th, Yoo Ah In was originally discussing reuniting with “Voice of Silence” director Hong Eui Jeong in the new film “Revenge Ghost”. As the title suggests, “Revenge Ghost” is a work with the theme of revenge.

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“Voice of Silence” was produced with a low budget of 1.3 billion won but surpassed the break-even point by attracting 400,000 people in the middle of the pandemic. Director Hong Eui Jeong and actor Yoo Ah In drew attention by sweeping many awards thanks to “Voice of Silence”.

“Revenge Ghost” discussed the reunion of director Hong Eui Jeong and actor Yoo Ah In. Since it was a more commercial scenario than “Voice of Silence”, major investment distributors showed interest and conducted under-the-table discussions.

yoo ah in

However, discussions were suspended after the news of Yoo Ah In’s alleged habitual use of propofol became known to the outside world. At the beginning of the case, officials of “Revenge Ghost” were in a position to wait for the result of the police investigation. However, they later concluded that it would be difficult to reunite with Yoo Ah In after the news that Yoo Ah In tested positive for propofol, marijuana, cocaine and ketamine was reported.

Source: Nate

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