Yong Jun-hyung, who saw Jung Joon-young’s videos, considers it not a big deal… Public outrage

It is not easy for a controversial celebrity to return, but his remarks while apologizing for his past are receiving criticism from the public.

Yong Jun-hyung released his new album “LONER” on Nov 10th. This is his first new album to be released after leaving Highlight in March 2019 due to controversies. Yong Jun-hyung started working alone under the independent label Black Made.

Yong Jun-hyung

The public’s view towards Yong Jun-hyung‘s comeback is not good. This is because he was involved in Jung Joon-young’s scandal in the past. In March 2019, singer Jung Joon-young was revealed to have shared hidden camera footage and sexually explicit images, causing a stir. Yong Jun-hyung is one of the people who received these videos.

At the comeback press conference, Yong Jun-hyung said, “I didn’t belong to any ‘group chat’. However, I am fully aware that there was something wrong with the conversation at the time. It’s my fault that I couldn’t correct it.” Some people responded that it is absurd to draw a line that he is not a member of the group chat room.

Even when the controversy over the distribution of hidden camera footage and sexually explicit images by Jung Joon-young was first raised, Yong Jun-hyung drew a line with Jung Joon-young, saying, “The reported content that was edited together after removing the context is entirely not true.” However, 2 days later, he was summoned by the police and questioned as a witness. Only then did he admit that he had seen Jung Joon-young’s videos, saying, “I was a bystander who overlooked this serious problem that could have resulted in countless other victims due to my actions.”

Yong Jun-hyung

At the comeback press conference, Yong Jun-hyung first emphasized that he was not a member of the group chat room. The core of the controversy is not whether Yong Jun-hyung is a member of the group chat room, but whether he saw illegally filmed videos and had inappropriate conversations illegally filmed them. Yong Jun-hyung committed both.

If he had common sense and minimal morality, watching videos and having inappropriate conversations should not be committed. Nevertheless, Yong Jun-hyung seems to think of it as an indulgence that he is not a member of the group chat room and has not received legal punishment.

While most of the people involved in the incident at that time were unable to return, Yong Jun-hyung’s comeback is once again summoning this incident and causing public outrage.

Source: Nate

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