Shin Hye Sun Expresses Embarrassment Over Her School Days Nickname ‘Jeon Ji Hyun’ 

Shin Hye Sun shared stories related to being compared to ‘Jeon Ji Hyun’ during her school days.

On August 30th, Shin Hye Sun, who is promoting her new movie ‘Target’, appeared on SBS Power FM’s ‘Park Ha Sun’s Cine Town’ radio show.

‘Target’ is a thriller film that revolves around the suspenseful events happening in Soo Hyun’s (Shin Hye Sun) daily life, as she becomes a target of crime due to an online transaction.

Shin Hye-sun

When Park Ha Sun asked about her school days after watching her performance on SNL, Shin Hye Sun mentioned the story of her resemblance to Jeon Ji Hyun.

She said, “I’ve never personally talked about Jeon Ji Hyun sunbaenim. People said that we looked alike because of our hairstyle. That seemed to be how the nickname came up. I was so embarrassed whenever I saw it.”

When asked about her criteria for selecting roles given her wide acting spectrum, Shin Hye Sun responded, “When I act, I choose roles that I think I would enjoy. Lately, I’ve been trying roles in genres I haven’t done before.” 

She added, “It’s the same even now. During times when I have no projects, I’ve often thought I want to work. I think I need to do a lot to satisfy that feeling.”

Shin Hye-sun

Expressing her desire to challenge herself with the horror genre, Shin Hye Sun said, “Ironically, I’m quite scared, so I want to try playing a ghost. I’d rather try a ghost role that scares others.” 

When asked what compliments she’d like to hear as an actress, Shin Hye Sun said, “These days, hearing that people have expectations for me gives me strength.”

The movie ‘Target’ starring Shin Hye Sun will be released today (August 30th).

Source: Daum

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