Park Min Young addressed dating rumors with Park Seo Joon and confirmed she’s single in an interview 

As much as fans and the media want to believe they’re dating, Park Min Young has debunked the rumors. 

Park Min Young

On March 7, as reported by Insight, Park Min Young had an interview where she opened up about past dating rumors that she got embroiled in, specifically with Park Seo Joon. The two were co-stars in the 2018 drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. Following the drama’s success, they have been rumored to be secretly dating for the past 4 years.

In the interview, Park Min Young denied having a romantic relationship with Park Seo Joon. The actress said that she’s grateful for the support the drama’s characters receive, but she and Park Seo Joon are only colleagues in real life. Therefore, Park Min Young hopes false rumors will stop being spread. 

Park Min YoungPark Seo Joon

“I used to have secret relationships, but not with Park Seo Joon. We never went on dates overseas. If we were secretly dating, why would I post a photo of it online? I wouldn’t have shown any traces,” she said. 

Park Min Young added that she was tired and angry at being misunderstood that she was dating Park Seo Joon based on the similarities in places she traveled to, or matching fashion items. 

She said the pieces of evidence put out by netizens and the media are all forced, but people still believe them. She didn’t intentionally match things like shoes, hats or anything with Park Seo Joon. Having to give an explanation for a romantic relationship that does not exist makes her feel frustrated. 

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

She also talked about the overseas trip that was rumored to be a secret date with her Park Seo Joon. She said that she actually went with her mother. Her mother even wanted to make her passport public to prove the truth about her daughter’s travels.

Besides, the actress also felt stressed because these dating rumors had a bad influence and overshadowed the efforts of the cast and production crew of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.

At the end of the interview, Park Min Young confirmed that she has not been in a relationship with anyone, and does not think about getting married.

park min young

Park Min Young was born in 1986, known through the hit series such as Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter, Healer… She used to date Lee Min Ho after the two co-starred in City Hunter, but they broke up not long after. 

Park Min Young is currently appearing in Forecasting Love and Weather, co-starring Song Kang. The drama is having decent ratings but Park Min Young has come under mixed reactions from the viewers because she continues to stick to the image of an office worker in a rom-com. 

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