A famous idol, who collapsed due to “hidden camera videos”, returns quietly without trace

Singer – producer Yong Jun-hyung is back.

On Oct 20th, the second concept photo of Yong Jun-hyung‘s new EP “LONER” was released on the official SNS of his label Black Made.

Yong Jun-hyung

Yong Jun-hyung, who previously showed a red leather outfit and strong eye contact, wore a checkered jacket and exuded a softer mood this time.

Yong Jun-hyung will release his new EP “LONER” on Oct 30th and hold his solo concert “LONER’s ROOM” on Nov 4th~5th to start a full-fledged solo career.

Yong Jun-hyung

“LONER”, which means “a person who likes to be alone“, is an album that marks the new beginning of solo artist Yong Jun-hyung.

Attention is focused on whether Yong Jun-hyung, who announced his comeback after a long time, will be able to change public opinion with his new album.

Meanwhile, Yong Jun-hyung debuted as a member of boy group BEAST in 2009 and was recognized for his skills in various fields.


Afterwards, he left Cube Entertainment and formed the independent label Around Us. He stayed with the members until the team name was changed to Highlight.

However, he departed from Highlight amidst the controversy of admitting to watching illegal videos sent to him by singer Jung Joon-young.

At that time, Yong Jun-hyung denied, “I did not commit any illegal acts such as filming or sharing the hidden camera footage and photos.” But he apologized, “I was a bystander who overlooked this serious problem that could have resulted in countless other victims due to my actions.”


Yong Jun-hyung, who joined the military after the controversy and completed his service, fired a comeback signal in earnest. It has been 3 years since he released a digital single album and 4 years since he released a full-length solo album.

Attention is focused on what kind of music style Yong Jun-hyung will show through this album.

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