YGX Kwon Twins receive clothes as gifts from Song Min Ho, “We don’t share our clothes with each other”

YGX dancers Dony and Deukie said they never share clothes.

MBC’s entertainment program “DNA Mate”, which aired on January 17th, revealed the daily lives of star families.

YGX twin dancers Dony and Deukie introduced their dressing room, explaining that the area on the right side is Deukie’s and the left side is Dony’s. Deukie said, “He (Dony) bought this first, so I had to buy that one with a different color”, adding “We have many similar clothes”.

YGX Kwon Twins

Deukie continued, “We have the same taste”. Dony added, “Unless we write our names on the clothes, we get confused many times and often pick the outfits to wear according to our feelings”.

When asked, “Do you share expensive clothes to save money?”, Kwon Twins replied, “We want to have our own things. What’s mine is mine”.

YGX Kwon Twins
YGX Kwon Twins

The two then took out two jackets with eye-catching colors and said, “Song Min Ho gave us these as gifts”. In particular, singer-rapper Song Min Ho gave the twins clothes with the same design but in different colors. Deukie and Dony tried on the jackets and said, “It’s a little Min Ho style”, “They’re pretty”, etc.

Source: Nate

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