YG idols show off one-of-a-kind fashion sensibilities at the airport 

Kpop idols from YG Entertainment truly have no rivals when it comes to their airport fashion. 

TREASURE leader Hyunsuk is known for his talent and sense of fashion. Some fans think he resembles BIGBANG G-Dragon and WINNER Mino


TREASURE Hyunsuk boasts a unique sense of style. 

Hyunsuk’s airport fashion is usually consisted of bright colors. His outfits exude a hip hop spirit, and is appropriate to wear on a daily basis. 

Hyunsuk favors warm-toned outfits for airport appearance. 


Hyunsuk’s bold hairstyles draw more attention to himself. 


Colorful hoodies and jackets are his go-to outfits. 

WINNER Mino puts on various outfits with such wide-ranging styles that fans never know what to expect. It can either be full of swag, or glow with intimacy through knitted sweater and corduroy jacket. The rapper does not afraid to renew his image every time he walks the airport.  

Song Mino

Mino confidently wore only a vest to show off his abs. 

On another occasion, Mino wore cozy items with sunflower patterns. 

Song Mino

Another time, Mino transformed into a “ninja” with a face-covering head warmer. 

Speaking of airport fashion, BIGBANG leader G-Dragon is considered the “living embodiment of eccentricity”. In fact, only G-Dragon can pull off his own airport fashion. 


G-Dragon covered his head with a flannel. 


 The rapper boasted an “one-of-a-kind” outfit. 


The BIGBANG leader wears whatever he likes, unbothered by the gossips. 

One time, BLACKPINK captured attention for dressing up as cute animal characters, with Jisoo as a rabbit and Lisa as a duck. 

Lisa and Jisoo dressed up as adorable animal characters. 

Source: YAN News 

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