YG idols keep ‘hibernating’ despite SM groups continuous releases

SM’s idols are dominating the Kpop race in the first 4 months of 2022, while YG’s side is still quiet.

The year 2022 is just about to enter the 4th month, but fans have already been continuously treated to many quality music products from SM artists. In just the first 4 months of the year, SM Entertainment had 14 comeback artists.

Right from the beginning of January, SM released the girl group GOT The Beat (Girls On Top) including BoA, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon (SNSD), Seulgi and Wendy (Red Velvet), Karina and Winter (aespa) which made fans extremely excited. This special girl group released their first song “Step Back” on January 3rd.

SM’s idols
Right from the beginning of January, SM released GOT The Beat.

Besides, famous names such as Max Changmin, Kangta, Kyuhyun (Super Junior) and Taeyeon (SNSD) also released their individual products in January. It can be seen that SM’s groups have continuously dominated the Kpop race right at the beginning of 2022.

SM’s idols
Max Changmin is one of the SM artists who made a comeback in January
SM’s idols
Kyuhyun (Super Junior) also released the 4th mini album in January

Entering February, SNSD’s leader Taeyeon continued to show her diligence by releasing the third full album in her career called “INVU, which is also the name of the theme song. INVU is highly appreciated by the audience for both melody and content. Therefore, the album quickly climbed to the top of the digital music charts. This is also the product that helped Taeyeon achieve the first Perfect All-Kill (PAK) title in her solo career.

SM’s idols
Taeyeon shows her diligence when releasing the 3rd full album in her career called “INVU”.

Not only Taeyeon, in the second month of 2022, Mark (NCT), Kim Min Jong and the legendary boy group Super Junior also made comebacks, making fans extremely happy.

SM’s idols
Mark (NCT) is also an artist who just made a comeback in February.

Returning to the Kpop race in March, Red Velvet rocked Kbiz with the MV “Feel My Rhythm”. The SM girl group has always surprised fans with unique concepts through each comeback. This song ranked 9th position at MelOn TOP 100, and achieved 41,065 unique views in the first hour on MelOn, which is the highest achievement this year so far.

Red Velvet
Returning to the Kpop race in March, Red Velvet stirred up Kbiz with the MV “Feel My Rhythm”.

Besides Red Velvet, 2 boy groups NCT U and NCT Dream will also come back at the end of this March. Furthermore,the two cult leaders of EXO, SHINee, Suho and Onew, will also release their solo products in April. Audiences are extremely overwhelmed by the productivity of SM artists. Is this because of SM’s Concert Free earlier this year?

SM’s idols
NCT Dream will also make a comeback at the end of this March.
SM’s idols
EXO leader Suho will also make his solo debut in April.

While SM’s groups continuously dominate the Kpop race with 14 artists coming back in just 4 months, the neighboring company YG puts idols in constant hibernation. As you probably already know, BLACKPINK has been “resting” for more than 500 days. Despite constantly being leaked with comebacks this year, fans are still dissatisfied with YG’s silence:

  • SM idols normally have at least 1 comeback a year. If it’s not a full album, it will be a mini album or a project song. In general, SM’s idols make comebacks quite regularly.
  • It can be said that being a SMstan is easy. We have a free concert at the beginning of the year though we have to work our ass off to afford the rest of the year. But I accept this.
  • The scale of SM’s activities in the year is proportional to the SMtown free concert at the beginning of the year.
  • Did YG see this message? SM has 14 comeback artists, why are you so quiet?
  • Is that more than YG’s total number of comebacks in a year?
  • Hello YG, have you read this news?
  • YG should follow SM’s footsteps. Their idols make a comeback song. Why do you guys keep hibernating like that?
  • YG Entertainment has seen this news!
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