“INVU” becomes the first song of SNSD’s Taeyeon to score a Perfect All Kill 

15 years into her debut, Taeyeon’s impact in the industry is still amazing. 

On February 14, SNSD’s Taeyeon officially made a comeback with her 3rd solo full album “INVU” and the title track of the same name. “INVU” has been sweeping Korean digital charts thanks to its catchy melody and Taeyeon’s powerful vocals. It only took “INVU” more than a day to achieve a Real Time All-Kill on domestic charts.

Earlier today, at 12:30 pm (KST), “INVU” officially earned a receipt for Perfect All-Kill (PAK). This is Taeyeon’s first PAK in her career and the first PAK by any music release in 2022.

INVU Perfect All Kill 
Taeyeon got the first PAK of her solo career in her 15th year since debut 

Debuting as a soloist in 2015, getting called the “digital queen” of K-pop and having released many hits, Taeyeon finally achieved her first PAK in 2022. The fact that Taeyeon still reaches new heights in the 15th year of her career proves how amazing the support she gets from both fans and the public is. 

INVU Perfect All Kill 
With INVU, Taeyeon finally got a PAK 

One joy after another, the first PAK in her career came at the same time as the news that Taeyeon reached No.1 in the Korean singer brand reputation chart in February 2022.  She defeated a series of formidable opponents such as Lim Young Woong, BTS, IU, BLACKPINK, jumping 21 places (up 247.34%) compared to last month’s chart.

INVU Perfect All Kill 
She knocks out a series of big names in the entertainment industry…
INVU Perfect All Kill 
… to become the singer with the highest brand value in February

On social media, Taeyeon’s fans burst with joy when they heard that the idol continuously gained new achievements:

  • Those who have followed SNSD in general and Taeyeon in particular for all these years can understand the feeling of the whole fandom now.  One word: Happy!
  • Finally, after many times, INVU brings Taeyeon first PAK!
  • God Taeyeon is back!
  • She has been active for 15 years already.  Good job!
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