The powerful comeback of a veteran SM female idol: Achieve an immediate All-kill with a significant album sales record

SNSD's leader Taeyeon is dominating all Korean digital music charts with her latest comeback.

At exactly 6:00 PM on February 14 (Korean time), Taeyeon officially had her latest comeback with the 3rd full album called ‘INVU’. The album, including the title song of the same name, has 13 songs, with each song describing a different emotion of love. True to her veteran class of 15 years, Taeyeon easily dominated digital music charts with remarkable achievements on YouTube and enormous album sales records.

Achieved Real-time All-kill 1 day after release

INVU’ is highly appreciated by Korean netizens for both its melody and lyrics. Thanks to this, Taeyeon easily maintains her position as a “digital music monster”. This song has achieved a Realtime All-kill more than 1 day after its release and is continuing to strengthen its rankings and on the way to conquering a Perfect All-kill.

The song “INVU” achieved Realtime All-kill after more than 1 day of release

In addition, ‘INVU’ has become the first song released in 2022 to reach #1 on Melon Top 100. The song first reached #3 – the highest debut rank on the Melon Daily Chart of songs released in 2022. This song also achieved the highest number of unique listeners in the first hour for songs released in 2022: 33,646.

Reaching the highest views in 24 hours among Taeyeon’s released MVs

After 24 hours of release, the MV of “INVU” has reached 3,202,696 views – the highest number of views among Taeyeon’s released MVs. The MV has also reached 452,000 likes on this platform.

Dominating international iTunes charts

INVU’ has reached a series of #1 including #1 on the Worldwide iTunes Album chart; #1 on the European iTunes Album chart; #1 on iTunes Top Albums of 21 countries and territories.

Taeyeon reached #1 on the Itunes Charts of 21 countries and territories

Remarkable album sales compared to other solo artists in early 2022 

On the first day, the album ‘INVU‘ has sold 84,225 copies. This is the highest first-day album sales on Hanteo in 2022 among female solo artists. Many idols who aim to make their solo debut in 2022, with the most formidable opponent being Jisoo (BLACKPINK), will have to work harder to overcome Taeyeon’s list of achievements with ‘INVU’.

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