Worst K-drama female lead currently: exaggerated acting style that feels like a decade ago?

Despite recording decent viewership ratings, this on-going K-drama is heavily criticized for the poor acting of its female lead. 

JTBC drama “Divorce Attorney Shin” opened with an impressive viewership rating of 7.2%. Though the drama later experienced some rating declines (down to 4% in episode 3), it has recovered the old momentum, with episode 6 recording 7.5% in viewership. 

Divorce Attorney Shin
“Divorce Attorney Shin” poster

According to viewers, despite “Divorce Attorney Shin” having a decent storyline, the poor action skills of actress Han Hye Jin, who plays the female lead Lee Seo Jin, really got on their nerves. In the drama, Lee Seo Jin is a former weathercaster, who got married to a violent man. As a result, she started to have an extramarital affair, only for an intimate clip of her and her lover to get leaked on SNS. After this, she decided to get divorced, and enlisted the help of the male lead Shin Sung Han (Cho Seung Woo), a lawyer who specializes in divorce cases. She later became an employee at Shin Sung Han’s lawyer office, working closely alongside him. 

Han Hye Jin Divorce Attorney Shin

As the only female among the series’ major cast, yet Han Hye Jin only received criticisms from the audience. According to them, the actress’ expression feels way too exaggerated, as if she was acting in an ancient melodrama. As a result, she felt out of place in “Divorce Attorney Shin”, ruining many viewers’ immersion in the drama. 

Han Hye Jin Divorce Attorney Shin

In addition, many said that Han Hye Jin starred in too few projects since 2010, and suspected this to be the reason behind her outdated performance. They also expressed pity and regret, at the same time recalling Han Hye Jin’s impressive portrayal in the 2006 historical epic “Jumong”.

Source: k14

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