World #1 Female Tennis player Osaka Naomi is in love with RM of BTS

Naomi Osaka, the world’s No. 1 female tennis player, is fascinated by the charm of BTS’s RM (Kim Nam-joon).

Tennis star Naomi Osaka, the pride of Japan , posted a video with RM’s solo song “Trivia 承: Love” as the background music to mark her Valentine’s Day.

A Twitter video uploaded by Naomi Osaka on the morning of the 16th shows her smiling with the camera as RM’s solo “Trivia 承: Love” was playing.

The solo song “Trivia 承: Love” written and composed by RM is an impressive piece from their “Love Yourself 結 Answer” album which about one’s fluttering feeling when love begins with very sweet, lovely and RM-ish lyrics.

This is not the first time for Naomi Osaka – who recently secured her world’s #1 ranking title by winning the 2019 Australia Open – to show her love for RM of BTS.

Since last year, Naomi Osaka has consistently expressed her strong love for RM by liking the tweets that RM posted on BTS’s official Twitter account, or even the pictures of RM posted on his fansite account.

As Naomi Osaka, the world’s top tennis queen, publicly expressed her support, fans are paying keen attention to whether a meeting between her and RM, the leader of BTS, will be possible.

Sources: Nate

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