“Women wearing revealing clothes might be sexually harassed?”… This MAXIM cover model expresses her anger

DJ Soda, “Don’t judge people by their outward appearance.”

DJ Soda-Maxim
The April issue of Maxim with DJ Soda as the cover model. 

“We can dress however we want. The cause of sexual violence is not the victim.”, DJ Soda expressed her anger towards the presidential candidate’s son on Twitter for posting a sexually harassing comment on his photo in January saying, ‘(Wearing clothes like that) is like saying I want you to touch me’.

Maxim, a male magazine, has selected DJ Soda as the cover model for the April issue. DJ Soda even set the theme of the April issue, ‘Freedom to wear what I want’, as it was with the message that DJ Soda revealed on her Twitter.

In this Maxim pictorial, DJ Soda freely expressed her confident and provocative charm in a mini dress with bright colors, black lace stockings, and bold costumes with cut lines.

DJ Soda once again emphasized her convictions  in January, saying, “People who generalize that women were sexually assaulted because they wore revealing clothes are wrong.”

She said, “Some people openly ask if I have tried drugs (because of my job). I don’t smoke, drink coffee, or even alcohol. It’s really sad to be seen as a bad person without skills, a mean person, and a person who has to be sexually harassed just based on your appearance.”

DJ Soda also graced the cover of Maxim in 2016. She is the first Korean to even decorate the cover of Maxim in Thailand. She has built an unprecedented career in the history of DJs in Korea, including the World Club Dome and UMF, maintaining the unchanging No. 1 ranking of female DJs around the world since 2017. DJ Soda is currently a popular DJ who receives love from all over the world.

DJ Soda-Maxim

The April issue of Maxim featured various articles and columns, including the experiment on the correlation between exposure and sex crimes, the history of women’s exposure fashion, criticism of feminism’s crackdown on women’s clothing, and controversy over politicians’ plain clothes fashion to support DJ Soda‘s remarks. In addition, there are also interviews with interesting people such as Choi Young Jae, master of ‘Steel Troop’, who had to quit the presidential security because he was handsome, and Kim Hyun-mo, a bassist who is capable of disguising himself as a woman.

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