aespa’s concert not sold out? Netizens questioned the girl group’s fandom strength

Mixed reactions from Korean netizens are arising surrounding the status of aespa’s concert ticket sales. 

Recently, there have been mentions of SM introducing a new girl group in 2023, causing discussion among the Kpop community. Accordingly, fans of aespa cannot help but grow concerned, seeing that the group only had one comeback in 2022, and no specific comeback date for 2023. They are thus rightfully worried that aespa will be ignored and neglected, especially in the event that SM has to focus on a new artist. 


Regarding these concerns, however, several netizens speculated that the reason why SM is neglecting aespa may have to do with the girl group’s fandom strength. In particular, a topic titled “Is the aespa fandom strong” was published on the Korean forum pann, gaining attention. 


In the article, the original poster pointed towards the ticket sales status for aespa’s concert, where 5,000 seats have not yet been sold out. They then posed the question that if aespa has a strong fandom, how come they haven’t filled up a 5,000 seat venue. 

aespa sbs gayo daejun

Immediately, many people jumped to defend aespa. As it turns out, there were a total of 11,400 seats for 2 days of aespa’s concert, and as of February 3rd, only 800 tickets have not been sold. Even more, these tickets are on the 3rd floor, which are considered “faraway seats”, and so are less likely to be purchased. In addition, the ticket price for aespa’s concert is extremely expensive, yet the concert ended up eventually selling out in less than 2 hours since the open of general sales.  

aespa 2022 sbs gayo daejun

Finally, it was mentioned that aespa’s physical album sales have surpassed 1 million for one album, and the girl group managed to break one record after another, so it’s impossible to say that aespa has a weak fandom. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Just looking at the album sales, this group has a strong fandom, that’s a fact. They’re a girl group that sold millions of copies in the first week.
  • The strong fandom is proven by the sales of goods, right? Currently, out of 11400 seats, about 10500 seats have been filled. Even though some artists filled the hall in 2 days, it was still less than aespa’s 1 day audience.
  • 5700 seats per day, 11400 seats in 2 days, and still about 800 seats left over. But thinking about the 10,000+ seats sold out and the ticket price of 150,000 won for all seats, the group sold tickets well. Even for their fanmeeting, the tickets were not sold out at first, but after a few days, they were sold out. Tickets are usually sold at concerts on the spot, so how can they be filled? Those seats will normally be filled with the purchase of tickets on the spot.
  • Tickets on the 1st and 2nd floors are sold out, but there are still many empty seats on the 3rd floor. If their fandom is strong, the 3rd floor won’t have any seats left.

Source: pann

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