With digital sales far surpassed TWICE and BLACKPINK, will ITZY make history once again with a Daesang?

Statistics shows that ITZY is winning over their seniors TWICE and BLACKPINK. The girls are expected to be a strong opponent for the title of “Song of the Year”.

It’s half past 2019 and the K-Pop battlefield has already seen the return of many girl groups like TWICE, BLACKPINK, G-Friend, APink,…Aside from the veteran names, many new faces have left a deep impression, the most impressive among them being ITZY with “DALLA DALLA”!

“The monster rookies” from JYP – ITZY

Debut on February 10th with “DALLA DALLA”, ITZY came into the Korean music industry with a bang. Their debut song immediately got many high ranks on digital charts while the MV broken the record of the most viewed debut MV in the first 24 hours with more than 17 million views. To this time, the MV has had 116 million views with more than 2 million likes on YouTube.


With TWICE and BLACKPINK’s recent comeback, “DALLA DALLA” of ITZY was thought to be defeated. However, the 5 girls from JYP once again showed their power after their debut song became the first girl group track to reach 100.000 hearts on MelOn in 2019. “Boy With Luv” along with “DALLA DALLA” is currently the only tracks of 2019 capable of this.

More than 3 months after its release, “DALLA DALLA” is still stably standing at #20 on MelOn real-time chart
Their rank on iChart is also very stable, considering this is a 3-month-old track.

On Genie chart – the 2nd biggest digital music platform in Korea – ITZY far surpassed their seniors with the most streams and the most Unique Listeners of 2019!

Top 4 girl group songs with the most unique listeners on Genie (2019)

  1. ITZY – “Dalla Dalla” (1.525.969 unique listeners)
  2. BLACKPINK – “Kill This Love” (1.247.520 unique listeners )
  3. MAMAMOO – “gogobebe” (1.233.090 unique listeners)
  4. TWICE – “FANCY” (1.065.109 unique listeners)

Top 4 most listened girl group song on Genie (2019)

  1. ITZY – “Dalla Dalla” (30.143.287 plays)
  2. BLACKPINK – “Kill This Love”⁠ ⁠(16.777.570 plays)
  3. MAMAMOO – “gogobebe” (14.856.957 plays)
  4. G-Friend – “Sunrise” (11.560.982 plays)

Not stopping at that, “DALLA DALLA” is also the first girl group song in 2019 to reach 400 million streaming points on Gaon. At the same time, the 5 girls spectacularly owns 3 out of 4 spots in the top 4 most listened songs weekly of 2019 on Gaon.

Top 4 most played girl group songs weekly in 2019

  1. “Kill This Love” – BLACKPINK – 55.458.766 plays
  2. “Dalla Dalla” – ITZY – 47.002.600 plays
  3. “Dalla Dalla” – ITZY – 44.214.170 plays
  4. “Dalla Dalla” – ITZY – 42.186.027 plays
itzydalladaesang5 scaled 1

With such impressive numbers on both digital, unique listeners and Youtube views, ITZY is highly expected to follow missA’s footstep and bring back the daesang “Song of the Year” for their debut song, like how their senior did with “Bad Girl, Good Girl”. All of their seniors from JYP have won the daesang “Song of the Year” at least once, with MissA won the title right from their debut song. That’s why ITZY is highly expected to go big this year, continues the trustworthy brand of “JYP girl group”.


Source: Kenh14

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