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Why celebrities doing drugs is extremely dangerous, explained by a famous criminal psychologist

Park Ji-sun, a social psychology professor at Sookmyung Women’s University, who is widely known as a criminal psychologist, appeared on tvN’s “Crime Trivia” season 1, which aired in April last year, and talked about the topic of drug smuggling. The particular episode is spreading through various online communities.

At that time, Professor Park diagnosed that the tendency of drug administration had become an object of envy among some young people at some point, saying, “It began to look like taking drug is an exclusive property of the privileged (through public media or SNS).”

She added, “When I see how these people (celebrities who use drugs) escape the law through articles, I think they must have thought that there was always a way for them to escape even if they commited a crime.”

In response, Yoon Jong-shin said, “It seems that the influence of movies and dramas based on the theme of drugs is also huge. Those scenes are being made quite fashionable. It is glorified in every way through music, the acting of famous actors, and the story,” he pointed out.

Professor Park criticized, “It is really socially wrong to give such messages or images in public media.” 

In response, Internet users responded in various ways, saying, “We need to spread a perception like in China, that if you take drugs, you will die,” “I think the influence of foreign hip-hop is really big here,” and “Because the public keep seeing articles like those…”

Source: wikitree

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