Who is the “male celebrity” who sent a coffee truck to Moon Ga-young?… Everyone is amazed at his identity

The coffee truck sent to actress Moon Ga-young drew people’s attention.

On the afternoon of April 16th, a post was uploaded on the Instagram account of a coffee truck saying that they had visited the filming location of Moon Ga-young’s drama. The coffee truck’s side revealed that it was singer-actor Jung Yong-hwa who sent support to Moon Ga-young.

moon ga young

The banners, cup holders and stickers prepared by the coffee truck’s side caught the eye as they contained sensible phrases such as “Let’s make tvN’s drama ‘Link’ a hit!”, “Please take good care of actress Moon Ga-young” and “Have a good meal and cheer up♥”.

The content was spread through online communities such as theqoo, and netizens expressed their surprise at the extraordinary relationship between the two. This is because Moon Ga-young and Jung Yong-hwa, who became close while filming a drama, have been maintaining their relationship for 11 years.

moon ga young

Earlier, the two appeared together in MBC’s “Heartstrings” (2011). The two worked together as siblings in the drama, building a unique relationship.

moon ga young

Jung Yong-hwa once sent a coffee truck to support Moon Ga-young when she was filming the drama “Find Me in Your Memory” in 2020. At the time, Moon Ga-young expressed her gratitude, “Thank you, my ex and current older brother. Excellent photo selection.”

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