What’s BLACKPINK’s future like when their contracts expire: Jennie’s most likely to renew with YG, Jisoo to focus on acting? 

Rumors surrounding BLACKPINK’s contract renewal with YG have been gaining great interest from netizens. 

Although BLACKPINK is currently booked and busy with the ongoing world tour and individual schedules, fans still feel worried because their contract expiration date with YG is getting closer. In August 2023, BLACKPINK will officially celebrate their 7th year debut anniversary. This will also be the time BLACKPINK and YG have to negotiate and make a decision whether or not to renew or terminate their contracts.  


When “Shut Down” MV was released, fans were stirred up by alleged “signals” of the end of an era for BLACKPINK. “Shut Down” MV combines all the MVs that made BLACKPINK famous, giving nostalgic vibes and making it look like BLACKPINK is wrapping up their journey together. Although there are other explanations such as entering a new chapter, fans are still concerned. Recently, the Korean media predicted that 2 out of 4 members would not renew their contracts with YG. What’s BLACKPINK’s future like when their 7-year contracts finally end?

Jennie is most likely to stay in YG

Like BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, Jennie is the key member of her group, having the most prominent color that represents BLACKPINK since debut. Jennie trained at YG for the longest time. Although BLACKPINK does not have a leader, Jennie is seen as the person who connects the group’s activities. Therefore, Jennie is predicted to be a member who will continue to stay at YG even if BLACKPINK disbands. 


Jennie isn’t called “YG’s princess” for nothing. Before debuting, Jennie collaborated with G-Dragon in the 2013 song “Black”, starred in the MV of BIGBANG’s leader, was featured in Seungri’s song,…

In 2018, Jennie was the first BLACKPINK member to go solo. She was also the first member to become a luxury brand ambassador when she signed with Chanel. Jennie renewing her contract with YG has a solid foundation. Her popularity will continue to be maintained, and with her talents and charm, she will continue to succeed when promoting as a soloist.

Jisoo will be focusing on her acting career

Currently, Jisoo is the only BLACKPINK member who has not made a solo debut yet. Regarding this, in an interview with Rolling Stone in April 2022, Jisoo revealed that she did not have a clear direction on what she would like to do with her solo releases. Fans have been waiting for a long time for Jisoo’s solo and getting more impatient as the renewal deadline is approaching. Although she has yet to debut as a solo singer, Jisoo’s acting career was significantly boosted when she landed the lead role in the 2021 drama “Snowdrop”. 


Jisoo already had an actor profile on YG Stage, YG subsidiary that specializes in acting activities. With her stunning visuals and praised acting skills, it is predicted that Jisoo will focus more on her actress career, whether at YG Stage or at a more acting-focused company.

Lisa and Rosé received offers to leave YG

According to Munhwa Ilbo, an industry insider who is familiar with foreign markets claimed that Lisa has received hefty offers from overseas. In particular, he said, “I heard that Lisa, who has an absolute impact in her home country Thailand and on the South East Asian market, is receiving offers as high as 100 billion won from various foreign nations, including China.”


Meanwhile, netizens have spotted the president of Capitol Record following Rosé’s Instagram. Capitol Record, which is under Universal Music Group, is famous for being the company of The Beatles. As a result, rumors have it that Rosé may have received an offer to go solo under the global-famous label, and thus, may leave YG.

High chances for contract renewal 

Nevertheless, BLINKs (fans of BLACKPINK) still remain confident that BLACKPINK will renew their contract with YG. According to them, with BLACKPINK still being in their prime, YG will not let go of them easily. 


In addition, many also pointed out that BLACKPINK’s schedules are packed until July 2023, which is after their contract expires. The group is also busy with the BORN PINK world tour, Coachella in April, as well as other unrevealed events. Meanwhile, Jisoo also hinted about her possible solo debut in 2023, and even with the appearance of BABYMONSTER, BLACKPINK is still an extremely powerful artist for YG to ignore. 

Source: k14

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