What makes the simple K-drama “My Liberation Notes” so addicting?

The love stories of “My Liberation Notes” are uneventful, yet super memorable. 

My Liberation Notes” revolves around the 3 Yeom siblings and their extremely mundane life. Yet, viewers are unexpectedly immersed in the series and its not-at-all dramatic love lines. 

Not just love but “worship”

Mi Jeong, the female lead of “My Liberation Notes” is an introvert who works for the design department of a Seoul company. She never has much to say, participates in work events, or hangs out with colleagues. According to Mi Jeong, this, she inherited from her poor father Sanpo and her trauma from past relationships. 

The relationship between Mi Jeong and Mr. Gu is not love, but “worship”

Mi Jeong is almost settled for such a mundane life, but at the same time, she craves love. Every day, she grows more lonely traveling back and forth on a crowded subway, feeling tired over her repetitive life of going to work and getting home, falling for no one and having no one fall for her, rinse and repeat. 

My Liberation Notes
Mr. Gu’s “worshiping” gaze. 

However, Mi Jeong finally found her light at the end of the tunnel via Mr. Gu, a mysterious stranger who resides near her place. Her desperate need for happiness drove Mi Jeong to do the impossible: she asked the strange man to “worship” her. Yes, “worship” was Mi Jeong’s choice of word, and even Mr. Gu had to confirm if that was what she meant. Turns out, what Mi Jeong needs is not a passionate romance, but someone who supports her, encourages her, and soothes her worries about life and hardships. 

And Mr. Gu gave our female lead exactly what she wanted. He waited for Mi Jeong at the subway station, bought her ice cream and drinks, treated her to her favorite dish, took her to the bus station, or just simply gave her the last bite. There were grandeur actions as well, like the time he dashed to the cafe where Mi Jeong finished her deadline or the time he walked through paddies to grab Mi Jeong’s hat, which just flew away. 

Still, all these gestures are so doable, relatable, and heart-warming to both parties in question, they ended up feeling “liberating”. 

Be your true self while in love

The eldest of the Yeom siblings, Ki Jeong, is still single in her late 30s. As a result, she blames herself for her lack of love, for being too choosy and for treating her past relationships too harshly. She has always been straightforward, even annoying with her proactiveness, which freaks most men out. 

My Liberation Notes
The eldest sister Ki Jeong also has difficulties in terms of romance. 

Once declaring that she would never opt for those with kids, Ki Jeong finds herself eating her own words after she falls for the single dad Tae Hoon. However, she was afraid, and even asked her brother to pretend to stab her should she get rejected. In the end, though, she still pushed through the fear of rejection to confess and to open up a new door for herself. 

My Liberation Notes
Ki Jeong fell for the single dad Tae Hoon. 

Meanwhile, Tae Hoon himself had to overcome his own fears to take the next step, having been too focused on his daughter to find love for himself. 

The result is a straightforward relationship where the two both get to be themselves. They decide to speak out their true thoughts from the bottom of their hearts, and thus “liberate” one another through true honesty. 

Like Ki Jeong, Mi Jeong also became more honest after Mr. Gu “worshiped” her, and started to tell him stories she’d say to no one else. She freely expressed her anger when Mr. Gu accused her of not being strong enough to demand her ex pay his debt, and readily held a stick to chase off stray dogs in the protection of Mr. Gu. She also encouraged him and embraced his true being, no matter who this mysterious man might be. 

My Liberation Notes
Mi Jeong even talked about dead frogs she saw on the train with Mr. Gu

“My Liberation Notes” made it clear that trying to be perfect in front of loved ones will only further drain one’s soul. Instead, people need to stay true to themselves and establish a strong foundation for their relationships. 

Opening new doors and letting yourself be loved

Mi Jeong had a terrible love record with lofty-acting gold diggers. However, this all changed after she met the “raggy yet transparent” Mr. Gu, who only ever offered her comfort. 

The same can also be said for Mr. Gu, who used to run a host bar and even indirectly drove his ex-girlfriend to take her own life. However, he has since opened his heart to Mi Jeong, and cared for her from the smallest gestures. Now, the avoidant Mr. Gu is finally able to face his past, open a new door, and to let himself be loved.

My Liberation Notes
Mi Jeong and Mr. Gu both took down each other’s walls with their simple love. 

This message is also clearly shown in Ki Jeong’s story, who used to chase after an impossible prince charming. However, she has since walked ahead without giving up, and confessed to the object of her affections, learning about herself in the process. 

Through “My Liberation Notes”, the audience learned that they should not be hung up on the past. Rather, it’s better to “liberate” themselves and search for something better. 

Source: K14

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