Red Velvet Wendy shows off a brand new image on the cover of DAZED magazine 

Wendy of Red Velvet made an impressive appearance in the latest issue of DAZED magazine. Here, the SM artist sent fans into a frenzy for her never-seen-before image and attractive visuals.

Red Velvet Wendy

In a short hairstyle, Wendy appears charismatic with a short and stylish hairstyle. At the same time, the retro photographic style added a glamorous feel to the idol.

Appearing in DAZED magazine, Wendy flaunted her versatility with various transformations. The female idol struck several impressive postures that captivated the hearts of fans, at proved herself capable of taking on a variety of concepts. 

Red Velvet Wendy

Besides an attractive charisma, Wendy’s impressive physique also flutters the hearts of fans. Her slender figure and small waist was excellently highlighted with each outfit.

Source: twitter

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