Was Son Ye-jin too tired of rude and excessive speculations that she decided to deliver news about her private life to the public first?

It is not known whether Son Ye-jin delivered the news of her pregnancy with joy or whether it was her inevitable choice to prevent gossip. 

Son Ye-jin reported the news of her pregnancy on June 27th through an Instagram post. She announced, “A new life has come to us”. 

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She added, “I’m really grateful but also careful so I haven’t told anyone around me yet. We would like to deliver this news immediately to our fans and people around us, who have been waiting for this news as much as we do.”

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Son Ye-jin decided to deliver the news about her private life to the public first. The actress seems to be very cautious since she suffered from excessive speculations from netizens earlier.

Everything started with one picture. In May, Son Ye-jin posted on her SNS account a daily life photo of enjoying a leisure walk while wearing a white dress. Soon after the picture was posted, some netizens raised suspicions that she was pregnant, pointing out that her belly that looks round and big. These comments spread widely but Son Ye-jin’s soon ended the rumor by confirming that “it is not true”. Excessive gossip from netizens under the guise of love and interest in celebrities led to explanations of privacy and personal life issues being made.

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Unlike many stars who prefer to stay “mysterious” about their private life, Son Ye-jin communicates with fans and the public quite often. She quickly solved the public’s curiosity by confirming her romantic relationship and announcing her marriage early. Her wedding ceremony was held privately under tight security, but wedding photos were released through her agency’s channel to soothe fans’ disappointment. 

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Son Ye-jin always kept the line and publicized everything she needed to do so, but the public continued to interfere with her private life. No one wants their privacy to be forcibly dug up, no matter how good it is. Excessive noisiness even took away Son Ye-jin’s opportunity to deliver her pregnancy to the public first.

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It is difficult for stars to have full freedom in controlling their private life, but the public should respect them. Although interest and love for stars can’t be prevented, it is necessary that fans and netizens refrain from creating groundless rumors and excessive interference in celebrities’ privacy. 

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