VIVIZ Umji on “King of Mask Singer”, “Many people still remember me as a baby”

VIVIZ member Umji expressed her feelings about appearing on “King of Mask Singer”.

MBC’s “King of Mask Singer” released the special episode celebrating its 8th anniversary on April 23rd. On the broadcast, the identity of “Palette”, who promised to show a variety of performances with her different colors, was revealed as VIVIZ Umji.

VIVIZ Umji King of Mask Singer

Under the name “Palette”, Umji took the stage and performed. She was eventually eliminated in the second round and had to reveal her identity. While Umji was taking off her mask, MC Kim Sung Joo introduced, “This person is VIVIZ Umji, a girl group member with diverse charms who also celebrates the 8th anniversary of her debut as an idol this year.”

Kim Sung Joo said, “Today is our special episode to celebrate the 8th anniversary of ‘King of Mask Singer’. Like our program, Umji is also in the 8th year of her career. It’s been 8 years since you made your debut as an idol, but you are still considered a rookie with only 2 years of experience”. He then asked, “Being an experienced rookie is not easy, right?”

In response, Umji confessed, “That’s right. Because I still want to continue being a singer. I think I’ve become more mature”.

The MC continued, “I heard many people still remember you as the youngest member (of GFRIEND) since you have a youthful image”. Umji replied, “Many people still consider me a baby. There was a viral video of when I asked the fan who got 2 packs of ketchup at ISAC to confess. Thanks to that video, more people began to like me”.

Umji added, “Recently, I heard lots of people comment things like, ‘the baby who made fans confess about taking ketchup has grown up a lot’, when looking at my album photos. I realized that there are still many people who remember me and think I’m a baby”.

In addition, Kim Sung Joo asked, “You’ve matured a lot over the past 8 years. ‘King of Mask Singer’ is also moving forward with bigger goals and expectations for the future. Umji, do you have any goals for yourself?”. In response, Umji honestly said, “My small goal for today was to perform well on stage. It’s a little regretful that I was so nervous during my performance in the second round. Still, it was great to have a chance to greet many people after a long time. I hope to continue improving my skills and becoming a person who can make people keep being curious about me”

Lastly, Kim Sung Joo said, “Since you debuted at the same time as ‘King of Mask Singer’, we want to support you even more. Let’s give a warm round of applause to Umji, who made pleased our ears with her beautiful voice today, and cheer for her future.”

Source: Daum

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