Viral “SM Trainee Soojin” Turns Out to be Fake News?

On January 1, images of a girl said to be an SM trainee named Soojin were published on the Korean forum Nate Pann and drew a lot of attention. Netizens also left various comments regarding the viral “SM trainee Soojin”, and the images also made it to famous media outlets. 

However, on January 2, a staff from SM Entertainment left a comment on an Instagram post featuring images of the “SM trainee Soojin”, saying, “Huh.. Who is this? This is the first time I’m seeing her”. 

sm trainee

This comment has shut down rumors of the girl in the picture being an SM trainee.

Reacting to this, while many express disappointment that no SM trainees for the agency’s upcoming girl group is being revealed, a few still remain suspicious. 

In particular, comments such as, “Maybe they are just refuting to hide the identities of the upcoming girl group”, can be found.

Source: Pann, K Crush

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