V – Park Bo Gum posted a sweet dating photo

Once again, the brotherhood of V and Park Bo Gum made fans jealous of their extremely close relationship.

Recently, the talented actor Park Bo Gum has closed the Asia tour with the name “Good Day” with great success. Although his starting point is an actor, Park Bo Gum has held many fan meetings and has a lightstick just like a Kpop idol which made many fans of other actors jealous.

After finishing his busy schedule, Park Bo Gum took advantage of his free time and immediately met his best friend, which is V of BTS. On February 18, Park Bo Gum posted pictures of his outings with V on his Twitter account, along with the caption hoping that both will have more beautiful days. The photo of two handsome Kbiz gods was spread all over the social media.

Park Bo Gum and V is the famous pair of Kbiz friends, so fans were not surprised by the intimate moments between the two. Before that, both often “show off” adorable moments and travel together. They also don’t hesitate to show affection for the other. Fans hope that the friendship between V and Park Bo Gum is always good like this.

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