This NewJeans member is being called the younger sister of actress Kim Yoo Jung 

NewJeans member Danielle is attracting attention for resembling famous actress Kim Yoo Jung

Right after their debut in August, rookie girl group NewJeans immediately made headlines, with each member becoming hot topics every day.

Recently, NewJeans member Danielle is being compared to famous actress Kim Yoo Jung by various netizens. Previously, this Australian-Korean idol has drawn attention for her gorgeous eyes, small forehead, and “mixed” appearance. 

danielle newjeans

Many people praised Danielle for her small face and high nose bridge, as well as her gorgeous and mysterious vibes. They were also impressed by Danielle’s perfect beauty, which exudes a fresh charm and a mature atmosphere.

In addition, netizens also describe Danielle as having “an exotic charm”, which is characterized by her long straight hair, skin as fair as white jade, and her pretty smile and mouth shape – which remind them of actress Kim Yoo Jung.

As a result, many have been leaving comments that praise Danielle’s beauty and compare her to the actress, saying: “They look especially similar when they smile”, “If someone tell me that Danielle is Kim Yoo Jung’s younger sister, I’d believe them”, and “They are both so pretty”. 

On the other hand, the 5-member group NewJeans has been the talk of town for their innocent and lively image.


The group dropped their first song on August 1st, and officially released their album on August 8th.

As NewJeans is formed by famous creator Min Hee Jin and debuted under BTS’s agency HYBE Labels, attention is focused on whether New Jeans will be able to solidify their position as a representative girl group of the Kpop 4th generation.

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