This mixed member of NewJeans is compared to a Disney main character 

NewJeans member Danielle is showered in praise for her outstanding visuals. 

HYBE’s new girl group NewJeans have been drawing mad attention ever since they released the pre-debut MV “Attention”, both because of their catchy music and unique concept. In addition, the group is created by Min Hee Jin – who is behind various iconic comebacks of artists like f(x), SHINee, and Red Velvet, raking in high expectations. 

However, there’s another element that has been attracting numerous fans for the group – the member’s stunning visuals.

danielle newjeans
NewJeans member Danielle comes from a Korean-Australian household and boasts a unique allure 
danielle newjeans
From simple to complicated styling, Danielle’s visuals can never be hindered.

The mixed member, Danielle, in particular, has been the talk of town with her gorgeous appearance. With her features that are the perfect combination of Western and Eastern, Danielle is being compared to the female lead of a Disney series. The female idol has even become more viral after NewJeans’ performance at the August 4th broadcast of M!Countdown, and topics about Danielle have gained hundreds of thousands of views. 

The rookie group NewJeans have taken the Kpop scene by storm recently 
danielle newjeans
Danielle’s visuals have gone viral on various Korean forums

Dressed in a white polo and miniskirt, Danielle looks like she just stepped out of a Disney series. Her “pucca hair” (double buns) also highlighted her small face and sharp visuals, and her fancam recorded sky-rocketing views within just one day. 

Danielle’s fancam for the NewJeans song “Hype Boy”

Netizens are also bringing up past photos of Danielle and pointing out how she looked extremely adorable as a child, with big eyes and a cute mouth. The female idol’s photos at a recent Chanel event also garnered massive attention. 

danielle newjeans
Danielle boasts stunning visuals ever since her childhood.
danielle newjeans
The female idol’s child photos have been going viral 
danielle newjeans
Netizens have been comparing Danielle to a princess 
danielle newjeans
Her appearance at a recent Chanel event was praised for exuding a vibe that far surpasses a rookie.

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • Danielle is undoubtedly my favorite members 
  • Just looking at her face makes me feel happy 
  • She really stepped out of a Disney teen movie 
  • Are you guys sure Danielle is not a princess? 
  • With this visuals, she’s probably the most popular member 
  • I have seen her in real life guys, and let me tell you these photos don’t do her justice
  • She looks like a main character from a Netflix or Disney production for teens 
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