V.I.P sent a truck to YG’s building to demand protection for BIGBANG

Because YG has been neglecting BIGBANG, the V.I.P community has sent a truck to YG Entertainment’s building to claim benefits for their idols.

BIGBANG is the top group that helped create the mighty YG empire of Korean entertainment industry. BIGBANG’s success not only revived YG but also paved the way for junior groups to be widely promoted.

 However, recently, YG has not focused on promoting or protecting BIGBANG’s image. This made fans angry. They decided to send a protest truck to YG’s building.

 V.I.P is taking action to protect BIGBANG

 V.I.Ps demand protection for BIGBANG

 Today, July 23, V.I.P sent a truck to YG’s building with many slogans to claim benefits for BIGBANG.  Specifically, V.I.P asked YG to protect BIGBANG from malicious comments of anti-fans on social media, creating websites that can connect fandom with the company to easily report rumors about BIGBANG.

 V.I.P asked YG to protect BIGBANG’s image.

Because BIGBANG’s fandom is huge, V.I.P asked YG to turn on English subtitles for all of their MVs.  In addition, YG groups now all have official Instagram accounts and BIGBANG also deserves to have one. In addition, the company needs to quickly update specific news about BIGBANG on Twitter, which is beneficial for the group in the Billboard Social Chart.

 V.I.P do not require YG to immediately let BIGBANG have a comeback but want the company to take actions to promote BIGBANG. Kinds of promotions that V.I.P think BIGBANG deserves: advertising on SNS, music platforms and billboards around the world, updating information on YG’s official website, the group’s Twitter. Besides, the company needs to update the group and members’ songs on Spotify.

BIGBANG deserves more than what YG is giving them.

 V.I.P point out YG’s unfair treatment to T.O.P

Besides demanding benefits for BIGBANG, V.I.P also directly pointed out YG’s unfair treatment to T.O.P. During the past 3 years, on T.O.P’s birthday, YG did not upload any photos to congratulate the male idol. Meanwhile, YG still does this for all other artists. Dissatisfied by YG’s actions, fans have edited T.O.P’s birthday photos with heartfelt messages: “Happy late birthday posters for T.O.P. 2017 – 2018 – 2019”.

 Although late, this is what V.I.P wants for BIGBANG T.O.P.

 After seeing the truck with many messages from V.I.P, a YG employee came by and read it all. The staff asked V.I.P how long they would display these slogans and got the answer “only today”.  After seeing all the requests written on the truck, the staff immediately left.  After that, there has been no response from this staff or the company.

 All V.I.P need is for BIGBANG to get the treatment they deserve

V.I.Ps’ action is a strong affirmation that they will protect their idols under any circumstances. It can be seen that YG has received the message from BIGBANG’s fandom. Hopefully they will make a move in the future.

Sources: yan

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