Uhm Jung Hwa’s Secrets to Maintaining Unbelievably Toned Abs at 53

Uhm Jung Hwa has revealed her method for keeping her abs. She mentioned Lee Hyo Ri.

On Septembee 1st, Uhm Jung Hwa shared her own ab-maintenance routine through her YouTube channel.

uhm jung hwa

She said, “I want to show you all my exercise routine. These days, I’ve been exercising really hard, and everyone was quite surprised by my abs when they saw them.” She continued, “When I performed ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ on ‘Dancing Queens on the Road,’ I thought of Hyori and wanted to show my abs beautifully.”

She further explained, “I trained my abs and side muscles for nearly an hour, investing around 30 to 40 minutes in working on my abs. Since I’ve been doing exercises like this regularly, I don’t feel as nervous about any stage or situation that comes my way. I’m grateful and proud that all of you love that stage so much.”

uhm jung hwa

Afterward, Uhm Jung Hwa went to the gym and shared her workout routine. After completing her warm-up exercises meticulously, she immediately began her ab workout.

Despite the difficulty, she said, “I posted a photo of my abs on Instagram not too long ago, but that picture is from a month ago. If you don’t do this every day, they disappear quickly. It seems quite challenging to maintain them without a proper diet.”

Uhm Jung Hwa stood in front of a mirror after finishing her workout, showing off her incredibly toned abs and arm muscles that were hard to believe for someone who is 53 years old.

She said, “Right now, I feel like I’m not just smiling; it’s a different feeling,” and added, “You can do it. It’s not that difficult.” She completed both upper body and hip exercises.

Source: naver

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