Will YG’s BABYMONSTER Become the Next Blackpink? All Seven Members Prove to be All-Rounders

Baby Monster showed off their “monster rookie” charm.

On April 23rd, YG Entertainment released a cover video of the song “Scars to Your Beautiful” sung by their new girl group, BABYMONSTER, on their official channel.

This performance was highly praised for its high level of completeness in EP.7 of their show “Last Evaluation,” and all seven members proved their “all-rounder” abilities.

First, Rora opened the introduction with delicate emotional expressions and a sweet voice. Following the emotions, Pharita melted into the melancholic melody with her clear vocals, and Chiquita showcased her attractive voice and unwavering live skills that maximize the emotions of the original song.

Moreover, their solid rapping added to their unique charm. Ruka showed off her confident energy with her low-tone voice and innate sense of rhythm, while Asa raised the atmosphere with her accurate diction and fast-paced rap that sticks to the ear.

Especially impressive was the harmony during the bridge, where they all sang together. Haram led the vocal part with her solid technique, grabbing the center of the song, and the members responded with rich harmonies, revealing their excellent breathing skills. Finally, Ahyeon decorated the finale with her smooth modulation and uninterrupted high notes.


Fans praised the powerful synergy of the seven trainees, showing their individual shining personalities as well as the harmony and infinite potential as a team. They are looking forward to Baby Monster’s music world, which reflects their own unique color.

BABYMONSTER is YG’s new girl group, the first in about seven years after Blackpink. The seven trainees from Korea (Ahyeon, Haram, and Rora), Thailand (Pharita and Chiquita), and Japan (Ruka and Asa) are all-rounders with vocal, dance, rap, and visual skills. Their debut reality show, “Last Evaluation,” to select the final members, is released every Friday at midnight.

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