U-Know Yunho, “Idols are not singing machines, we need a sustainable system”

DBSK U-Know Yunho revealed his thoughts on the Korean Wave after 20 years.

U-Know Yunho, a K-POP legend who is about to celebrate the 20th year of his debut, guested in the “Opening Interview” section of Channel A’s “NewsA” (hosted by anchor Kim Yoon Soo), which aired on August 12th.

Yunho was once a 17-year-old little boy who admired Michael Jackson and dreamed of having a career lasting a year longer than Michael Jackson’s. Having been chasing that dream for the past 20 years, he recently made his comeback with the third mini album “Reality Show”.


During the interview, the anchor asked Yunho, “As a pioneer of the Korean Wave, what do you think about the current Korean Wave after 20 years have passed?”.

In response, he pointed out the ways idols nowadays are being raised and trained, saying “As the term ‘K-pop sharp choreography’ emerged and left a significant impact, I believe that we need to be responsible for the K-pop culture that is represented by K-content. I dare to say that we need to develop a more sustainable system as we continue to progress. We are not singing machines”.

Regarding the dream of Yunho as an ordinary person named Jung Yun Ho, he said, “I’m trying to make memories with people who like me for a long time in a healthy way”.


Meanwhile, anchor Kim Yoon Soo also visited SM’s practice room to meet Yunho and learn the point choreography of his new title song “Vuja De”, showing a day of an SM trainee.

Source: Nate

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