Ilhoon filed 27 clemency petitions after receiving a two-year prison sentence for purchasing and using marijuana

Ilhoon was previously imprisoned for spending more than 100 million won on marijuana.

In June, the Seoul Central District Court sentenced male idol Ilhoon (former BTOB member) to 2 years in prison and a fine of 133 million won for violating the Drug Control Act. According to Ilhoon’s testimony, from 2016 to 2019, the former idol and 7 other defendants used about 100 million won to buy marijuana.

On September 2, Ilhoon and seven accomplices will face an appeals trial. According to Korean media, prior to the appellate hearing, from July 9 to August 18, the male idol filed 27 petitions expressing his intention to appeal, demonstrating his remorse throughout that time period. The lawyer for the former BTOB member requested leniency from the court since the male star had a difficult and stressful period working in showbiz.

ilhoon btob
ilhoon btob

Instead of receiving support from netizens, Ilhoon faced a barrage of criticism. The majority of netizens believe that the male idol should be held accountable for his unlawful actions. Previously, when the marijuana smoking scandal emerged, the first punishment Ilhoon had to face was being kicked out of BTOB by Cube Entertainment.

Ilhoon’s real name is Jung Ilhoon, and he was born in 1994. He made his debut with BTOB in 2012. On the eve of the marijuana smoking scandal breaking out, on May 28, the male idol stated that he would serve as a community service worker. Ilhoon’s enlistment at the age of 26 raised the suspicion that the BTOB member enlisted earlier than required in order to avoid being investigated while the police had handed over the case to the prosecution.

ilhoon btob


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