TXT Taehyun’s statement caused great controversy on social networks

Many people think that Taehyun indirectly emphasizes the commercial value over the value of the group’s music.

For a long time, in Kpop idol culture, buying albums, items (attachments), lightsticks … to support idols is no longer a strange thing.  Fans give their love to the idol not only through the support in the media but also by the contribution to the idol’s income.  So it is not an exaggeration to say that idols’ income comes from the fan base – the ones who determine their reputation and success.

Therefore, many people think that fans are like the ATM machines of idols.  Recently,  Taehyun, a member of TXT, has caused a fierce controversy with his speech.

Specifically, a post on the Kpop forum quoted Taehyun’s words on a livestream.  Taehyun said that: “Well, our happiness…is directly related to the album sales numbers. I want to be happier. I’m sorry, but you won’t be able to help but buy [the album] once the contents are released one by one.”

The OP also wrote: “Taehyun-ah.. I guess you didn’t see the album sales results of other rookie groups, maybe that’s why you’re being full of yourself”.

This person said that, while other idols have a reputation, but album sales are still a problem, TXT can completely reap a large profit from the sale of records.  The OP also cited album figures of Weeekly – the girl group recently attracted attention, to prove that making money from fans is not a joke.

Knets left many comments on Taehyun’s controversial statement:
  • [+476, -82] Don’t idol group members usually say “We’re okay with the results, all we care about is that the fans are happy”..?
  • [+365, -28] I wonder why he had to say things like that. Maybe it’s just a bad joke?
  • [+281, -328] Hmm, I think he’s just making a joke. He makes jokes like that a lotㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I guess people take issue with just anything
  • [+224, -38] The fans below are shielding him just like ATMs
  • [+200, -21] He’s always the only one causing controversies in TXT,,, Seriously, I hope he’s more careful with his words

Source: pann.nate

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