TWICE’s concert ticket in Korea not sold out, a sign of declining popularity? 

As tickets to TWICE’s concert in Korea are not selling out, many started to raise doubts about the girl group’s domestic impact. 

For K-pop lovers, TWICE is no unfamiliar name, as they are always named among the ranks of top 3rd-generation girl groups. Debuted under JYP Entertainment, TWICE initially promoted with a cute image and enjoyed sensational popularity, with a series of super hits like “Cheer Up”, “TT”, “Knock Knock”, and so on. As a result, the group managed to secure a rather solid position on the Kpop map, even as 4th generation artists emerged. 

Despite strong competitors, TWICE is still considered to have a strong footing in the Kpop map 

However, recent situations have caused people to doubt TWICE’s current influence in Korea. In particular, the girl group’s digital performance for their latest comeback was not as good as before, and ticket sales in Korea seems to also be in decline. In addition, TWICE’s world tour “READY TO BE” is approaching, yet tickets are still not sold out. 

TWICE will kick off their 5th world tour “READY TO BE” on April 15th in Seoul

In particular, in North America, most concerts have not yet sold out. The only two sold-out shows are the first day in Chicago and the second day in Toronto, while remaining shows still have empty seats. Nevertheless, the ticket sales rate reached over 98%, an impressive number considering the group didn’t focus on promotions there.

TWICE sells tickets well in the US, but not at home

However, back in their homeland, Korea, TWICE’s ticket sales pose great concerns. The group’s concert will be held at KSPO Dome, Seoul on April 15th and 16th, meaning there are only about 3 days left, but only around 8600 tickets were sold for each night, much fewer than the group’s 2019 tour (23,000 tickets for 2 nights, averaging 11,500 tickets per night). Notably, only about 80% of the tickets have been sold so far.


All in all, TWICE’s ticket sales rate in the US is around 98%, but the group has only sold 80% of the tickets for their 2 shows in Korea, even though the number of tickets has decreased significantly compared to 2019.

TWICE’s concert ticket sales have never been a matter of concern before, as the group has a strong fan base, who are willing to spend, making the current situation even more questionable.


On the other hand, international fans believe that the declining sales rate in Korea is not because of declining popularity, but rather because of impossible demands from Korean fans. In particular, they pointed out that the fans in Korea have been demanding to boycott the girl group after increased international promotions, and it must be this that impacted the aforementioned data.  

Source: k14, KChartstours

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