“PSY, aespa, Zico”… Hanyang University Festival’s singer line-up that is at the level of an year-end music festival

As Covid-19 restrictions are being dropped, university festivals in Korea are also coming back, and the star-studded lineup of Hanyang University Festival is drawing attention. 

On May 17th, the full lineup for the 2022 Hanyang University Festival was released on the official Instagram account of the school’s student council. 

Accordingly, the grand event will be hosted by actress Park Ji Hoo, who is currently a theater and film student of the school, and actor Yoon Chan Young, who is taking a leave of absence. 

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The first day of the festival will be held on May 25th, and will feature PSY, who recently dropped his title track “That That” in collaboration with BTS’s Suga.  PSY is known to be a festival genius who never fails to fire up the crowd, so many people are curious over what kind of stage the singer will deliver. 


On the other hand, famous rock band Jannabi will appear on May 26th – the second day of the festival, and is expected to bring a powerful vocal performance. 

The same day will also feature Kpop group aespa, who has received love for their hit songs “Next Level” and “Savage”. 


Finally, the last day of this grand event will seal the deal with hip hop artists Dynamic Duo and Zico, who recently finished his military service. 


Special lectures will also be give on the first and third day, brought about by famous Korean history instructor Choi Tae Sung and broadcaster Tyler. 

At this lineup full of top stars, students of Hanyang University can’t help but cheer loudly, while Internet users are jealous and express they also want to go. Hanyang University Festival will be held for three days from May 25th to 27th, and alongside celebratory performances, there will also be many other attractions, including a bar. 

Source: Wikitree

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