TWICE Nayeon “I had no friend to eat with”, Jihyo “I felt so alone”

TWICE Nayeon revealed why she thought she should make more friends.

On Sep 7th, a video titled “JIHYO Album-log ‘Zyo’s Zone.Zip’ EP.04” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “TWICE”.

In the video, Jihyo headed to a meeting after finishing the last broadcast of “Killin’ Me Good”. Nayeon was here, too.

Seeing Jihyo, Nayeon encouraged her, “You worked hard during this promotion period.”

Jihyo said, “I feel like this is the first meal when we go on a tour and I’m still jet-lagged.”

JIHYO Album-log 'Zyo's Zone.Zip

Jihyo continued, “I slept only a little. I almost stayed up all night the night before. I’m not fully charged yet.

While eating together and talking, Nayeon said, “I recently realized that I need to make more friends.”

She explained the reason, “We had a long break. And let’s say I have 3~4 friends. One of them is out of the country and the other one is working. And the other one is taking a trip. No one is left. I had no one to eat with.”

JIHYO Album-log 'Zyo's Zone.Zip

Jihyo sympathized, “So true. Tuesday is my off-day as well. I had a day off, so I wanted to see my friends. I called everyone, but no one was available. I was like, I have nothing to do. I felt so alone.”

She confessed, “I’m not saying this because of the cameras here. But doing solo was so hard. I mean, so hard.”

JIHYO Album-log 'Zyo's Zone.Zip

Source: Naver

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