A brief introduction of actress Lim Ji Yeon’s filmography: from “Obsessed” to “The Glory”

Fans recently made a list of Lim Ji Yeon’s representative works for those who have just known Lim Ji Yeon through “The Glory”.

Born in 1990, Lim Ji Yeon made her debut at the age of 23 through the 2014 movie “Obsessed”. Since then, she has consistently pursued acting by starring in various projects. Last year, she showcased a bold transformation into a villain through Netflix’s original series “The Glory” and received favorable reviews from the audience. 

1. Obsessed

After showing her talent through consistent appearances in independent films since she was still studying at the Korea National University of Arts, Lim Ji Yeon made her debut through this movie after joining an entertainment agency.

Set in 1969, when the Vietnam War was about to come to an end, “Obsessed” depicts the secret love affair between a man and a woman inside a military hospital. Lim Ji Yeon played the role of a nurse named Jong Ga Heun, working alongside Song Seung Heon. She perfectly portrayed intense nude scenes and quickly became a rising star. In addition, this film also helped Lim Ji Yeon win Best New Actress at the Grand Bell Awards in 2014.

2. The Treacherous

Lim Ji Yeon

In May 2015, Lim Ji Yeon took on the role of Dan Hee, who enters the palace seeking revenge for her father, in the film “The Treacherous” directed by Min Kyu Dong. 

Set in the Joseon Dynasty during the reign of King Yeonsan, this movie tells the fierce power struggle among the treacherous who planned to use a beautiful woman to control the king. Lim Ji Yeon impressed viewers with her performance of a same-sex romance with her co-star Lee Yoo Young. However, some still criticized the excessive exposure scenes in this film, following her previous work “Obsessed”.

3. High Society

lim ji yeon

In June 2015, Lim Ji Yeon transformed into the sub-female lead Lee Ji Yi in SBS’s drama “High Society”. The drama deals with a rather predictable subject of love between a chaebol and an ordinary woman but successfully captured viewers’ attention by providing a fresh and interesting storyline. 

Competing with MBC’s drama “Splendid Politics”, which aired in the same broadcasting time, “High Society” gained popularity and reached a viewer rating peak of 10.1% in the final episode. Lim Ji Yeon continued to face criticism for her awkward and overly enthusiastic acting in the beginning, but as the drama progressed, her lively and refreshing charm that suited her character aroused positive feedback.

4. Blow Breeze

Lim Ji Yeon

In MBC’s 2016 drama “Blow Breeze”, Lim Ji Yeon appeared as North Korean defector Kim Mi Poong. Kim Mi Poong used to be an elite from Pyongyang but then became a “dirt spoon” defector. However, this strong-willed character bravely faced the world without giving in. Although “Blow Breeze” was a 53-episode drama, Lim Ji Yeon’s stable acting was so impressive that helped the actress escape from her previous characters and acting controversies.

5. Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area

Lim Ji yeon money heist korea

This was Lim Ji Yeon’s first appearance on Netflix. “Money Heist” portrays an extraordinary hostage crisis that starts when a genius strategist professor (Yoo Ji Tae) plans to pull off a heist in the reunified Korean Peninsula. Lim Ji Yeon appeared in Part 2 as Seoul, a loyal member of the professor’s organization. Although her screen time was short, she played a crucial role in reversing the criticism of Part 1 by adding tension to the story.

6. The Glory


Last year, Lim Ji Yeon got cast for the role of villain Park Yeon Jin in Kim Eun Sook’s Netflix drama “The Glory”. Park Yeon Jin is the main perpetrator who bullied the main character Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) in school. After graduating from college, she works as a weathercaster and lives a happy life with her wealthy husband and daughter. However, when Moon Dong Eun reveals her problematic past to the world, she loses everything and even has to go to prison

Lim Ji Yeon received attention for her vicious acting, such as showing an evil smile when attempting to achieve her goals or sometimes showing her cruel face without hesitation. Season 2 of “The Glory” was released on March 10th, and is still a hot topic in Korea and overseas.

Source: Wikitree

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