Top Actress Starves Herself For Two To Three Weeks Before A New Production

Actress Song Yoon-ah said she would starve for two to three weeks to lose weight before entering a new work.

Recently, a video was released on the YouTube channel “by PDC,” featuring actresses Lee Tae-ran and Yoo Sun.

In the video, Lee Tae-ran was thrilled to be able to eat a hearty meal with Yoo Sun and Song Yoon-ah.

Yoo Sun said, “I thought I was going to die from losing 4kg right after my drama was over. I was scared that I would keep gaining weight because of the acceleration. It’s hard if the top and bottom balance doesn’t match when you wear clothes. I lose weight with Bungee-Physio,” she said, revealing her difficulties.

Song Yoon-ah

Song Yoon-ah sighed at Yoo Sun’s words, saying, “Everyone is working hard.”

Lee Tae-ran said, “I do yoga once or twice a week. Whenever I go to my teacher, “My condition is so bad today,” I act like I’m in a big trouble. I make it difficult for her by telling her to go easy on me. It feels so good after I do it, but I have a lot of resentful thoughts before I go.

Song Yoon-ah

Song Yoon-ah shared, “Every time I am about to do my next work, it was so hard. I just starved for two to three weeks. I can’t lose the weight I used to be able to lose in just 1-2 days of starving anymore even in a week or two now. There’s a difference.”

On the other hand, Bungee-Physio, a combination of Bungee and Physiotherapy, is an exercise aimed at improving physical strength and dieting. By using the elasticity of the bungee, it can improve the body’s strength, endurance, cardiopulmonary function, and sense of balance.

Source: Wikitree

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