Top 5 songs of Kpop solo artists that have the most streams on Spotify

Two BLACKPINK members excellently enter the chart with high rankings

Spotify is one of the most popular music player applications today, it owns a huge music store and the latest songs from artists.  Here are the top 5 solo Kpop idols with the most streamed songs on Spotify.

1. Jennie – SOLO (330 million streams)

On November 12, 2018, Jennie officially released her first solo music product in her career named SOLO. After 24 hours of debuting as a solo artist, she became the artist with the most views for the debut MV with 16.1 million views, but until now, MV SOLO  only ranked 3rd in the top 5 solo MVs of female Kpop artists with the most views on YouTube after 24 hours.  With a huge number of views on YouTube, it is understandable that it is the most-streamed song on Spotify.

2. PSY – Gangnam Style (292 million streams)

PSY’s Gangnam Style has created a global phenomenon.  Although released in 2012, this MV still holds the record for the fastest Kpop MV to reach 1 billion views on YouTube (after just 158 ​​days).

After nearly 10 years, this song currently owns more than 292 million streams on the Spotify digital music platform. 

3. Lisa – MONEY (178 million streams)

The maknae of BLACKPINK, Lisa had an impressive solo debut this year with LALISA and MONEY, which have set many great records on music platforms.  MONEY was launched on September 23, which means it only took 59 days to receive more than 178 million streams on Spotify. 

Surely in the future MONEY will surpass SOLO and Gangnam Style.

4. V – Sweet Night (174 million plays)

Sweet Night is the soundtrack of Itaewon Class, performed and composed by V (BTS).  With this song, V has set a record as the male solo artist with the song that reached #1 on iTunes in most countries and regions worldwide.  Specifically, Sweet Night reached #1 in 101 countries. However, this song only ranked 4th on Spotify with 174 million streams.

5. Stay With Me – Punch ft. Chanyeol (172 million hits)

The song “Stay With Me” is the soundtrack of Goblin, performed by Chanyeol and Punch.  This song went viral all over the world because of Goblin’s fame and because its melody is so catchy.

Up to now, Goblin is still a hit drama, and Stay With Me is the most popular OST in Korea as it has more than 127 million streams on Spotify with huge numbers of likes and views on YouTube.


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