Top 10 “Most Searched Celebrities on Weibo” in 2022: Wang Yibo and Yang Mi topped their respective charts

Wang Yibo ranked first the male chart while Yang Mi dominated the female ranking. 

Recently, the rankings of “Most Searched Celebrities on Weibo were released and, without doubt, top stars, such as Wang Yibo, Yang Mi or Zhao Liying, are still present in the list. 

Chinese show business in 2022 also witnessed the “explosive” emergence of young stars who will give new shape to the industry in the following year. 

Leading the male chart is Wang Yibo. His continuous endeavor maintained a top place for the actor in almost all male rankings of 2022. 

Wang Yibo 

Dylan Wang also achieved considerable achievements in 2022 and made a name for himself with the fantasy romantic series “Love Beteween Fairy and Devil,” from which the actor received many lucrative offers and other box-office hits. Dylan Wang is expected to continue his winning streak in this year. 

Dylan Wang

Dylan Wang

Coming in third is Zhou Shen, a “god-given” vocal of Chinese showbiz. The rest includes Karry Wang, Lay Zhang, Xiao Zhan, Cai Xukun, Bai Jingting, Chen Feiyu and lastly Jackson Yee.

Yu Shuxin 

yu shuxin

In the female ranking, Yang Mi comes in first with a strong brand despite controversies over her acting performances. Yu Shuxin, Dylan Wang’s character opposite in “Love Between Fairy and Devil,” comes in second. The following rankings include Zhao Liying, Yang Zi, Dilraba Dilmurat, Zhao Lusi…

Source: k14

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