Three stars whom fans thought that might have been in the relationship with IU and Lee Jong Suk

These three stars were mentioned after the official dating announcement came out. 

On December 31st, 2022, Dispatch released a series of photos showing Lee Jong Suk and IU enjoying their Christmas vacation in Nagoya, Japan. According to close acquaintances, the couple have been dating for four months and received support from their families. After the news spread, Lee Jong Suk’s agency confirmed the information. 

As their relationship is out in the open, netizens are excavating side stories involving the two. Three names came up, including Yoona, Kwon Nara and Jungkook (BTS.) 

lee jong suk iu dating
Dispatch captured the moments Lee Jong Suk and IU were dating in Japan. (Image: Dispatch)

Kwon Nara and Yoona

In Lee Jong Suk’ acceptance speech of the Daesang at the “MBC Drama Awards 2022,” actor Lee caused a stir when he mentioned a mysterious woman whom he confessed to have liked and gained motivation to be a better person. The woman was speculated to be his girlfriend. 

lee jong suk 2022 mbc drama awards
Lee Jong Suk sent gratitude to that “special someone” in his acceptance speech. (Image: MBC)

Speculation emerged that person to be Kwon Nara, Lee Jong Suk’s “rumored lover”, who was once caught in a rumor of a secret marriage with the “I Can Hear Your Voice” star. 

Netizens took another guess that Yoona (Girls’ Generation) was “the one” due to her chemistry and on-reel relationship with Lee Jong Suk in “Big Mouth.” Their acting synchronicity brought them the ‘Best Couple’ award at the “MBC Drama Awards 2022.” 

However, it turned out that “mysterious woman” was IU, Lee Jong Suk’s co-host on Inkigayo from 2012 to 2013, a shocking news since they were only talked about as friends before. 

Kwon Nara Lee Jong-suk
Kwon Nara…
lee jong suk yoona thumbnail
.. and Yoona were embroiled in a relationship rumor with Lee Jong Suk. (Naver) 

Jungkook (BTS)

Jungkook was caught in a dating rumor with IU purely from the fact that he was a hardcore fan of the singer and even listed her as his ideal type. 

Nonetheless, when he had the chance to meet IU in real life, Jungkook was often too reserved to approach his idol. When the camera caught the two cross paths, Jungkook was often seen hiding behind his members or going another way. 

Jungkook flustered when he faced IU at music shows.

When he got the chance to stand by IU on the award stage, Jungkook was frequently embarrassed, only looked at her from afar and avoided eye contact.

Sources: k14

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