This top actress invited junior actors to her house on the Chuseok holiday 

A video titled “The reason Moon Sang Min met Kim Hye Soo on Chuseok?” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “ESQUIRE Korea” on October 30th. The video contains an interview with actor Moon Sang Min, who is appearing in “The Queen’s Umbrella” as Grand Prince Seong Nam.

While promoting the drama, Moon Sang Min picked Chuseok as the most memorable episode he had during the filming. 

Accordingly, Kim Hye Soo personally invited all the actors who play the princes in “The Queen Umbrella” to have a meal with her on Chuseok because they couldn’t return to their hometowns due to the filming process.

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As Moon Sang Min wanted to record this memory so he asked Kim Hye Soo, “Senior, do you want to take a 4-cut photo with us?”, and Kim Hye Soo agreed immediately. 

Revealing the picture they took together, Moon Sang Min also showed off his relationship with senior actress Kim Hye Soo, saying “I thought we were taking a family photo in a studio, not at a self-service booth”. He added, “Senior Kim Hye Soo enjoyed it a lot because it was her first time taking photos like that”.

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In addition, it is known that Kim Hye Soo even sent a separate text message to MC Park Kyung Rim before the production presentation for “The Queen Umbrella”, saying “Please take care of my sons because it’s their first press presentation and they are not used to this kind of event”. Kim Hye Soo’s warm care for her junior actors impressed many people. When MC Park Kyung Rim revealed this anecdote, the princes also expressed their gratitude to Kim Hye Soo, creating a heartwarming atmosphere.

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In addition to her sons in “The Queen’s Umbrella”, Kim Hye Soo also showed her affection for actress Park Jun Myeon, who also appears in the drama as Court Lady Shin, on her personal Instagram. She posted several photos of the two smiling brightly together with hearts and added the hashtags #The Queen’s Umbrella #My buddy #Court Lady Shin #Park Joon Myeon.

Under The Queen’s Umbrella

As stories about Kim Hye Soo’s close relationship with actors who play the princes and court ladies outside the filming set were released one after another, Internet users also gave positive reactions, such as “She’s like a real mother”, “The atmosphere at ‘The Queen’s Umbrella’ filming set is so good”, “Kim Hye Soo’s personality is so admirable”, etc.

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“The Queen’s Umbrella”, starring Kim Hye Soo, tells a different turbulent court battle from that in other previous historical dramas. It centers around Queen Hwa-ryeong, who enters a fierce royal education war for her problematic princes. With the recent death of the Crown Prince, the tension of the story has been raised and the viewers are more curious about the next developments.

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Fans are also looking forward to how actress Kim Hye Soo, who is proving solid her acting skills by showing both the side of a funny Queen and an affectionate mother who loves her children a lot, will lead “The Queen’s Umbrella” until the end and continue the high rating performance. 

tvN’s “The Queen’s Umbrella” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 p.m.

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