This is where Chuu kept her promise amid the controversy over her removal from LOONA

Defending Chuu after Blockberry Creative kicked her out of LOONA, “Chuu Can Do It” team released a new video as scheduled.

Web entertainment show “Chuu Can Do It” released a new episode at 6 p.m. on Friday (December 2nd), the usual update time, despite the controversy over Chuu’s removal from LOONA.

In the newly released video, Chuu spent time learning tennies with guest Jo Yu Ri. “Chuu Can Do It” subscribers left comments, saying “Thank you for keeping your promise”, “I hope I can continue seeing you in the future”, “Thank you for uploading videos regularly although your current situation is not really good”, etc.

Chuu Cho Yuri

Earlier on November 24th, Chuu was suddenly expelled from the girl group LOONA. Explaining the reason for Chuu’s removal, LOONA’s agency Blockberry Creative claimed that the female idol had power trip behaviors and made abusive remarks toward staff. 

However, broadcasting officials who worked with Chuu posted articles defending Chuu and indirectly criticizing the agency. In particular, “Chuu Can Do It” writer released a photo taken with Chuu and said, “It’s really funny to claim that Chuu is abusing her power. Ji Woo (Chuu’s real name) was having a hard time herself, but she was still worried that the staff wouldn’t get paid. I was frustrated once and told her, ‘Worry about yourself first!’ and she said, ‘I know it’s hard because I’ve been through it too, so I just can’t stand seeing that’. We all know that Chuu wasn’t taken care of properly. Even so, Ji Woo will do well. Because she’s always nice to others.”


Later, when another acquaintance asked, “Are the articles about Chuu true?”, the writer said, “Chuu is definitely not that kind of person. So ridiculous”, then disclosed the content of that Kakaotalk conversation.

In addition, after the controversy over Chuu’s removal broke out, “Chuu Can Do It”, which features Chuu as the host, saw increases both in views and subscribers. There are currently 1.23 million people subscribing to the channel.


Meanwhile, Chuu also expressed her position regarding the controversy on November 28th, saying “Thank you so much for your concern and comfort. I haven’t been contacted or informed of the situation, so I am trying to figure it out. However, I’m sure that I’ve never done anything that would embarrass my fans”.

Source: wikitree

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